14 High-Design Highlights of KBIS 2024


Kohler showed off its Heritage Colors in shades of green at this KBIS 2024. Photo courtesy of Kohler


March 8, 2024

Green, tactile, comforting, calm—somehow an overwhelming sense of tranquility permeated the biggest and busiest Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) to date, even as more than 100,000 people buzzed about the Las Vegas Convention Center for three days in late February.

More than 41,500 KBIS 2024 registered visitors came out for the show. KBIS organizers say it was the most successful in its 60-year history.

“We’re seeing our industry create products that even five years ago would have been unimaginable,” says Bill Darcy, global president & CEO of the National Kitchen & Bath Association and KBIS. “The push from designers for brands to create sustainable products that deliver on function, beauty, and innovation could be felt in nearly every booth throughout KBIS.”

More than 670 exhibitors (a 30% increase from 2023) showed off their latest designs at KBIS 2024. Many of the latest collections are grounded in nature, with booths at this year’s event draped in vinery or overstuffed with plants. Even new exhibitors (there were more than 260 new this year) seemed to share a message of sustainability or, simply, a literal palette of green, from Kohler’s many green bathtubs to Cosentino’s green countertops, while smart devices and water-saving solutions are making kitchens and baths more efficient than ever.

More than 41,500 KBIS 2024 registered visitors came out for the show. KBIS organizers say it was the most successful in its 60-year history. Photo courtesy of NKBA

“Technology is truly becoming an integrated—and necessary—factor of design, especially in the kitchen and bath where designers are creating more personalized and customizable experiences through smart systems and mobile app-controlled features,” Darcy says. “In the kitchen this can take the form of lighting, temperature, and sound presets; in the bath this can mean remote controlled showers, heated flooring, and also lighting scenes throughout the day. Fully customizable routines controlled via app or even voice are expected to rise in popularity. Technology is also integrated in product innovation—making quieter appliances, faster cooking settings, a faucet with options for still or sparkling water, et cetera.”

Darcy also noted that many KBIS exhibitors prominently featured sustainability in their booths, from showcasing recycling and innovation in materials to highlighting energy-efficient products. “We’re seeing a strong preference for water-conservation as well as built-in storage for recycling and composting. Sustainable elements are becoming a must-have for brands in order to adapt to what designers and consumers are increasingly looking for when it comes to home design,” he says. “Our first-ever Sustainability Report coming out this spring will detail what’s important to consumers, designers, and manufacturers.”

The next KBIS and DCW will take place from February 25 to 27, 2025, again in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Here are some of our own favorites from the KBIS 2024 show.

The Kintsu Kitchen Collection by Brizo

kbis-brizo kintsu

Brizo’s new Kintsu Kitchen Collection draws from Japanese and Scandinavian design for a sense of calm, elegant balance. Photo courtesy of Brizo

The new Kintsu Kitchen collection draws from “Japandi style,” or the artful merging of Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies.

“The focus in both Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies is simplicity—the elimination of clutter, with an emphasis on creating balance in the spaces we reside,” says Celine Kwok Garland, studio design manager at Brizo. “As a nod to these philosophies, the newly launched Kintsu Widespread Pull Down Faucet encapsulates the balance of a two-handle concept with restrained design details. It also features a swivel spout to simplify use and cleaning.”

The collection includes SmartTouch, MagneDock, TempID TM, and Lumicoat technologies and Touch-Clean nozzles. The products are offered in a variety of finishes, including the alluring Black Onyx, and are available for order now.

Celine, for one, is excited to see how the future kitchen continues to embrace and incorporate technology. “As we continue to streamline our tasks within that space, I can see a need for more access points, and enhancements, to our water (i.e. reverse osmosis systems for water consumption and cooking, pet and home garden water offerings),” she says. “As Brizo continues to expand our portfolio, we’re constantly challenging the idea of interior design and how we can bring new, and thoughtful, innovations to the home.”

Silestone XM by Cosentino


Silestone Le Chic Boheme is an extension of the brand’s newest Le Chic collection and one of the first Silestone XM collections, with colors like Jardin Emerald and Chateau Brown. Photo courtesy of Cosentino

Cosentino continues to combine luxury with sustainability, and this year’s Silestone XM launch shows that commitment even more. This new category is made with Cosentino’s proprietary Hybriq technology, composed of premium minerals and recycled materials with significantly less silica than traditional engineered stone. With this technology all new Silestone XM products brought to market will be produced with a maximum of 10% crystalline silica content.

“We have a responsibility as an industry leader to be forward-thinking and find innovative ways to ensure our products and business practices create a more sustainable future,” says Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino Americas. “Cosentino’s advancement in creating sustainable surfacing that is both beautiful and durable has been a critical priority. We are pushing the boundaries, and Silestone XM is a direct result of our dedication to innovation.”

All Silestone products are also made using 100% renewable electric energy and 99% recycled and reused water, achieving 0% liquid discharge into rivers and seas.

Silestone Le Chic Boheme is an extension of the brand’s newest Le Chic collection and one of the first Silestone XM collections, with captivating colors like Jardin Emerald and Chateau Brown. Le Chic Boheme evokes Parisian sophistication with the essence of bohemian spirit and offers luxurious designs with metallic effects that offer distinguished depth.

Series 11 48″ Pro Induction Range by Fisher & Paykel


The Series 11 48″ Pro Induction Range is coming to market this spring, with more specialized cooking functions. Photo courtesy of Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel’s new Series 11 48” Professional Induction Range will be available in the US market in Q2. This full induction range expands upon the New Zealand-based brand’s cooking solutions to provide a new level of precision, power, and control with an ultra-responsive induction cooktop and two independently operated oven cavities. This latest offering is designed to deliver professional cooking results, with specialized cooking functions, intuitive technology, and energy-efficient power.

“Fisher & Paykel is proud to offer such a beautiful and comprehensively engineered induction range for this growing product category that represents, in many ways, the future of cooking,” says Sam Zalin, Fisher & Paykel’s vice president of product management for the US. “Drawing on our decades of temperature engineering, this introduction ensures precise heat in a variety of forms—a complete cooking solution that seamlessly integrates into the Professional Style suite of appliances.”

The new induction range’s ceramic cooktop has six induction cooking zones for ample space and flexibility. The Series 11 ultra-sleek addition is designed using premium materials, including the top grade stainless steel and high-quality glass. Beautifully weighted halo dials provide extra surface illumination while each oven cavity features incandescent lights and full extension telescopic racks.

Holm Collection from Kast

Contemporary concrete basins with splashes of color provide a new, attainable way to take risks. Kast recently launched its latest collection, Holm, combining concrete with the timeless appeal of terrazzo. “It’s a way for people to express their personal style. A lot of people in the past have focused on wallpapers and wall tile, but this is another way to make a real statement with color,” says Amy Bartlett, creative director of Kast Concrete Basins. “Our products have been really popular within small spaces.” Kast was acquired by Kohler in 2023.

Holm seamlessly integrates its speckled visuals with the refined tactility of concrete. The basins showcased at KBIS, Anno and Mesa, bring art into otherwise functional spaces. The terrazzo insert serves a dual purpose by not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Holm but also discreetly concealing the basin waste.

SpaViva by Kohler

Kohler is entering the world of personal beauty. Long known for their beautifully designed products that can be found virtually anywhere you look in the bathroom and kitchen, they’re now innovating with more personal touches—the SpaViva hand shower beauty attachment.

“It’s a hand shower you can retrofit into any shower with an attachment,” says Stephen Maliszewski, director of public relations at Kohler.

The SpaViva Handshower & All-in-One Cleansing Device smartly combines essential skincare tools with deep clean capability with new spray technology for the ultimate self-care ritual. The two-function handshower offers two spray types and a multifunction beauty tool with three speeds at the push of a button. Attachments include a face brush, body brush, body massager, and body scrub.

“People buy those attachments alone and bring them into the shower. To have a sleek design like this, there’s nothing really like it on the market. With Kohler’s level of design, bridging those two categories together is very exciting. And you can just put that on any shower. You don’t need to do a remodel.”

NEOREST WX1 and NEOREST WX2 wall-hung models by TOTO

Toto’s wall-hung NEOREST WX series of smart toilets is squarish in design with added comfort that even extends to lighting. Photo courtesy of Toto

“Consumers today want to create modern bathroom spaces that reflect their lifestyle,” says Jarrett Oakley, director of marketing for TOTO USA. “They expect more out of their bathroom fixtures. With more people staying in their existing homes longer, the bathroom is a top priority for remodeling, and the fixtures that go in them are investments not just in the home, but also in their personal well-being.”

Among Toto’s many exciting reveals this year, their wall-hung NEOREST WX series of smart toilets combines the latest tech with sleek, space-saving design. The unique square design offers elegance, while many functions and features are concealed and weight distribution is optimized for increased comfort. Soft light illuminates the floor, creating a floating effect while enhancing accessibility at night.

Oakley expects to see a continued uptick in DIY projects and smaller scale refresh opportunities to level up the bathroom to become a more spa-like escape at home. He says homeowners are also demanding more sustainable solutions. “We see a real desire to reduce their impact on the environment by opting for products that save water and energy,” he says.

The cleanliness of the WX series is ensured by automatically misting the bowls with electrolyzed water—a well-known cleaning agent that reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. Over time the electrolyzed water returns to its original state as ordinary tap water.

Luxury Experience App by Lutron Electronics


Ketra works in harmony with Lutron’s premium lighting controls and shades to create spaces with a warm, more personal touch. Photo courtesy of Lutron

Lutron showed off its new Luxury Experience App onsite at KBIS as part of Tiny Home Experience that also featured some of the brand’s latest and most popular offerings. The app allows homeowners and designers alike to take control of the mood and ambience of a space with assets that evoke natural light and more.

Demonstrations showed off a wide range of Lutron and Ketra smart home offerings to reveal how light can shape our perception of any space. “The industry is beginning to realize that the life that we’ve inhabited for the past 10 years has not met the standards of what we’ve previously had with incandescent lights or sunlight alone,” says Cecilia Ramos, senior director – architectural market at Lutron. “There is a thirst and hunger for something that’s dynamic, that’s natural feeling, that’s sustainable as well because it’s low energy.”

The new app features allow users to visualize Lutron products within projects, seamlessly blending digital elements with reality to improve decision-making and the overall customer experience.

Cecilia, who studied architecture, says what people demand of their interior lighting today is changing. “For me it’s a shift in mindset where people are like, ‘I deserve better than this.’”

RISE Collection by JennAir


The RISE swing panel is one of many innovations exhibited by JennAir. Image courtesy of JennAir

One of JennAir brand’s distinct design expressions, RISE is forged in mixed metals and draws the eye to its bold, professional-style design. It offers a custom knurled handle, brass-inspired knob collars, a bold badge, and geometric grates.

“Luxury consumers are used to expressing themselves in their spaces, and they live to stand out,” says Chelsey Whitehead, director of product and brand marketing for JennAir. “JennAir creates products for luxury visionaries who don’t want to have to choose but instead can have all the functionality, artistry, and aesthetics they desire.”

JennAir’s range offerings meet the needs of the luxury consumer with two showstopping design expressions. RISE, a combination of bold mixed metals and geometric grates, delivers eye-catching, professional-style design, while NOIR shows off structured grates, expansive black glass, and hidden lace textures sculpted in stainless steel for a minimalist design.

They’ve also expanded their fuel type range offerings to include a new JennAir RISE 48″ Induction Pro Style Range, launching later this year.

Marenstone by Caesarstone


Marenstone is a dry neutral base infused with ivory and beige granule. Mottled highlights and brown scuffs evoke the appearance of rock. Photo courtesy of Caeserstone

Caesarstone created an entire ecosystem of self-expression and inspiration at KBIS, with more than 50 Caesarstone premium surfaces on display as wall cladding, flooring, countertops, backsplashes, shelving, shower walls, vanity countertops, fireplace cladding, and more.

The company’s latest porcelain offerings were a hit for their texture and durability. Seven new colors in the Ooak Porcelain Collection will be available in spring 2024, and two new porcelain finishes also launched at KBIS.

Caesarstone’s new Marenstone offering features a dry neutral base infused with ivory and beige granules, like fine particles of sand and crushed shells that morphed into an ancient stone over millennia. Mottled highlights and brown scuffs evoke the rugged appearance of sedimentary rock.

“We see people as creators looking to express themselves through their homes, and our new launches for 2024 are packed with personality to help them do just that,” says Gail Conroy, vice president of marketing for Caesarstone in the Americas. “We found that there aren’t many complex, authentic options in the market, and the Ooak Collection will beautifully bring these to our customers’ lives—from the limestone-inspired designs perfect for outdoor applications to the new silk and stone porcelain finishes that give a luxurious, tactile feel to our surfaces.”

Cosmopolitan Storage by Danver

The Cosmopolitan Storage designed by Daniel Germani builds on the bright, bold, easy to use Cosmopolitan Outdoor Kitchen. Photo courtesy of Danver

“We are designing with everyone’s needs in mind,” says Daniel Germani, international architect, designer, and creative director of Danver. “How we all use our open spaces has evolved, and we need to accommodate the needs of all kinds of outdoor spaces—from a balcony in an urban setting to a large unobstructed backyard in the Hollywood Hills. All our collections are conceived to be modular to serve and fit every design.”

For the first time at KBIS Danver showcased its Cosmopolitan Storage, a future expansion to the recently launched Cosmopolitan Kitchen—a modern, minimalist kitchen that makes storage a focal point through eye-catching drawers. Daniel designed the new Cosmopolitan Storage to have higher kitchen units, standing at 52 inches, for enhanced utility and aesthetic. The Cosmopolitan Storage is available in 40 powder coat or wood grain finish options, various storage box selections, and either a 42- or 60-inch width, mirroring the sizing available in the Cosmopolitan Kitchen.

“To see the collection evolve and grow is something we always dreamed about,” Daniel says. “The response we had from dealers and professionals alike has been phenomenal.”

He says the unlimited possibilities in the world of outdoor design today is inspiring, especially as materials advance and people take bold risks and add bright color to their spaces. “We design with color in our minds,” Daniel says. “Color helps us enhance our product and it inspires our clients. Color also sets the brand tone and helps us tell our story.”

AF/21 in Marble by Fantini

The popular AF/21 Collection, designed by renowned designer Naoto Fukasawa, was revealed for the first time in Carrara White and Marquinia Black Marble as part of KBIS. These new, beautiful marble finishes add design flexibility with the continued promise of durability and cleanability built right in, and they’re available now.

The design of the expanded AF/21 collection conjures up the notion of icons, as the aesthetic quality of materials is emphasized as the star of the show. The faucets and shower system become discs and cylinders; the faucets harken back to the old controls you may remember from a stereo, and the shower system has the concise elegance of alphabetic characters.

Designer Collection X Richard Anuszkiewicz with Monogram

KBIS-Monogram kallista

Designer Collection x Richard Anuszkiewicz is seen here in titanium with complementary Kallista Faucet in gunmetal. Photo courtesy of Monogram

The Monogram Designer Collection x Richard Anuszkiewicz showed off high-end living solutions like the Monogram’s 36” Induction Professional Range Cooktop.

“The modern kitchen today is the new living room,” says Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, Monogram’s creative director. “It is much more than the utilitarian room of the past. Due to more open space plans, modern demands require a balance of beauty and function. Good storage solutions, dual appliances, and the ability for multi-purpose use in this room are a few key attributes of the modern kitchen. We see a continued development of secondary spaces that accompany the central focal kitchen as well.”

The Monogram booth was a sight to see, as an immersive art gallery experience took visitors by the work of renowned artists like Mary Katherine Joseph, Caroline Lizarraga, Niki Woehler, Kelly Walker, Stephen Guimenta, and Ed Nash, and bold statements in another gallery showed endless possibility with lacquered chartreuse paint and French influenced metal accents.

“In its most simplistic form, luxury is the art of ease and comfort. Things that are taken care of for you are a luxury,” Richard says. “Luxury does not always have to equate to opulence; good design that is highly functional and ergonomic is a luxury.”

Silica-Free Line by Neolith


Neolith continues its mission of sustainability with a new silica-free product line. Photo courtesy of Neolith

Neolith introduced two exciting innovations at this year’s KBIS—a silica-free product line and Neolith WhiteSands, a new model that makes its debut with a new texture.

Neolith Silica-Free means no free crystalline silica is contained in the composition of Neolith’s new product line—not even residual. The new shades of Abu Dhabi White and Arctic White come in 12 and 20mm Silk finishes made with the new silica-free formulation.

Neolith does not contain resins on its formulation. Due to its natural composition, Neolith countertops do not release any toxic gases throughout its life cycle. Neolith also uses no added plastics. Its product is created with up to 20 natural minerals and can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

Neolith continues to implement all manners of prevention and safety measures to minimize the impact and protect workers. Since Neolith was established, the company has invested in resources to offer products containing the lowest silica range in the industry, below 9%.



The updated ILBAGNOALESSI features SaphirKeramik—aka the world’s thinnest ceramic. Photo courtesy of LAUFEN

LAUFEN unveiled its revival of ILBAGNOALESSI, the award-winning collection created by Stefano Giovannoni. Now, 20 years after its initial release, the Italian designer has reimagined the iconic collection.

Today’s iteration is modernized with LAUFEN’s patented SaphirKeramik ceramic material. SaphirKeramik enables ceramic pieces to be made of 3- to 5-mm walls while reaching exceptional hardness levels through the use of corundum, the mineral found in sapphires. Its use allowed Stefano and LAUFEN to create new, lighter, and thinner shapes.

ILBAGNOALESSI also includes new wood offerings and more than 30 color shades to complement any space.