7 Exciting Designs from KBIS 2023


Hailey joins Harlow and Britannica Gold as one of Cambria's newest styles. Photo courtesy of Cambria


February 13, 2023

This year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) took place in Las Vegas and was one of the most successful in the show’s nearly 60-year history. The show was held as part of Design & Construction Week (DCW).

“We expected a successful show based on the preliminary numbers, but we were blown away by the final attendance numbers for KBIS and Design & Construction Week. It was just incredible,” says Bill Darcy, chief executive officer of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

More than 200,000 housing and design professionals attended DCW, with 40,000 people attending KBIS. These are just a few new standout products we came across at the show.

1. Baveno Hide-Away Kitchen Sink System


The Baveno Hide-Away Kitchen Sink System. Photo courtesy of Bocchi

The Baveno Hide-Away Kitchen Sink System from Bocchi is perfect for small spaces, as it comes with covers and roller mats and uses a telescopic faucet so it can easily slide up and down. “You can really maximize your space with it,” says Dawn Robinson, marketing and communications director at Bocchi. “You can solve a lot of problems in a space.”

The durable and environmentally friendly system comes in nine colors and received KBIS’s Best of Show and Best of KBIS Kitchen Product Gold awards.

2. Cambria Hailey


Photo courtesy of Cambria

Cambria’s new designs reimagine the luxury of quartz surfaces with a mix of cool and warm tones and striking veins that evoke a peaceful feeling. Hailey has sweeping movement, with cascading veins and aubergine colorways against a crisp white background. Soft, warm grays melt into the backdrop creating intriguing opacity and depth.

“These new designs take what is trending and popular with color and translate them into stunning surfaces using neutral highlights that are so unique and beyond what anyone has done,” says Summer Kath, Cambria’s executive vice president of design. “We have made something new, livable, and modern with these designs, providing choices that create everlasting luxury.”

Hailey joins Harlow and Britannica Gold as the newest designs. All three new designs are available to pre-order with shipping to begin on March 29, 2023.

3. Mystix Steam System


The Mystix Steam System. Photo courtesy of Brizo

Brizo’s Mystix Steam System, officially launching in summer 2023, is an impressive immersive steam shower system that offers a spa-like experience. “The Brizo brand is known for creating distinctive designs that don’t just complete rooms but inspire spaces,” says Mandy Ellington, Brizo brand director. “We are excited to be launching our new, fully immersive shower system that creates a journey for the senses by bringing forth a rich shower experience and taking one’s well-being into consideration.”

Customizable presets allow you to tailor your shower if you want a different experience post workout compared to before bed, for example. You can customize the level of steam, time, color overhead, and aromatherapy, and you can connect to many music platforms. The Mystix also offers voice control and is easy to clean. The Mystix Steam Generator, equipped with advanced technologies to regulate temperature, disperse steam evenly, transforming your space into a restorative spa.

4. True Residential Bluestone


Photo courtesy of True Residential

True Residential’s new Bluestone finish was a crowd favorite at this year’s KBIS. “Our celebration of color and choices in design is ongoing. Each year we pore over the project archives and explore the cultural, stylistic, and artistic hues that are making the biggest impact around the globe,” says Chelsea Bothe, True Residential brand manager. “The choice of Bluestone has been a long time coming—is there a more universally loved color than blue? Naturally uplifting, blue in all its shades inspires feelings of tranquility and trust—Bluestone even more so.”

With its calming blue base, the new finish inspires feelings of serenity and stability. The inclusion of the new hue to the brand’s Build Your True program of custom finishes and hardware now gives homeowners and designers 72 color combinations to choose from for any of True Residential’s full-size or indoor/outdoor undercounter units.

5. Wilsonart Interiors


Wilsonart Interiors. Photo courtesy of Wilsonart

Say goodbye to the boring insides of cabinets and good riddance to dark drawers.

Wilsonart’s collection of 14 new Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) linen and textile designs and finishes bring style to the inside of cabinets, drawers, and open storage spaces while lightening up these often hard-to-see spaces.

Inspired by natural woven textures, this collection’s colors incorporate the most usable neutrals while mixing warm and cool tones for an added layer of complexity. The collection comes in three structures of textile designs—Linen, Tabby, and Tessere—in colorways that make it easy to coordinate.

6. Caesarstone Porcelain


Ceasarstone Porcelain seen in Metallio Brown. Photo courtesy of Ceasarstone

Caesarstone recently added porcelain to its portfolio, with more than 20 colors and honed and ultra rough finishes that are UV-resistant so they can be used inside or out.

Caesarstone Porcelain offers the same non-porous hygienic health and easy maintenance benefits as the company’s quartz offerings. Metallio Brown turns the kitchen into an industrial landscape. All of the Caesarstone Porcelain products are as durable as Caesarstone quartz and withstand stains, scratches, and outdoor elements. Available across the US in March.

7. Zencha Freestanding Tub


Zencha Freestanding Tub. Photo courtesy of Duravit

Sebastian Herkner’s Zencha freestanding tub for Duravit is his first for the brand. Inspired by traditional Japanese bathing rituals and tea ceremonies, the new range of ceramic fixtures, furniture, and mirrors brings harmony and heightened wellness to the bathroom. The collection is made using solid wood, textured glass, DuraCeram, and DuraSolid. The deep tub, with its rounded edge, is reminiscent of Japanese onsen bath. It is also available in rectangular form.

The Zencha was a Best of KBIS Finalist, and it’s a fitting focal point in the bathroom with its striking yet delicate design language and depth.


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