The Miles Lamp: A Fusion of Music and Glass Blowing

The Miles Lamp designed by Yabu Pushelberg for Lasvit. Photos courtesy Lasvit


May 22, 2023

With their multi-disciplinary studio and a portfolio spanning immersive environments, compelling destinations, and thoughtful goods, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg have pushed the boundaries of interior design since founding their studio in 1980. Their latest creation, the Miles Lamp from Lasvit, exemplifies their commitment to innovation and storytelling.

Inspired by the parallels between music making and glass blowing, the Miles Lamp pays homage to the world of brass instruments. The lamp’s simple outer casing surrounds elegantly fluted horn shapes within, creating a rhythmic sculpture of light when stacked.

In an interview at Salone del Mobile, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg shed light on their design process and the inspiration behind the Miles Lamp. Reflecting on their previous success with the Cipher series, the duo sought to create a classic and beautiful system that could evolve and grow. They wanted to explore the idea of proportion and challenge the effect of their previous design. The initial idea for the Miles Lamp was a convex form inside a sleeve, at first it looked a bit like a dumbbell, but later iterations became more trumpet-like. The instrument shape sparked memories of the bold and innovative nature of jazz music. 

The designers sought to capture the essence of jazz, with its improvisational spirit and the daringness of the movement. They began by sketching their ideas by hand, allowing themselves to feel the shapes and lines organically. This tactile experience helps them capture the initial vision’s spirit and energy. While they eventually turn to digital tools for refinement, they always return to the original sketches to preserve the fundamental essence of their vision.