David Rockwell Brings the Stars Down to Earth

David Rockwell's new lighting collection for Lasvit was Inspired by the iconic ceiling mural at Grand Central Terminal. Photos courtesy Lasvit


May 12, 2023

Renowned global architect David Rockwell has partnered with Lasvit to bring the light of distant stars down to earth with his new lighting collection, Constellation. Inspired by the iconic ceiling mural at Grand Central Terminal created by James Monroe Hewlett and Charles Basing, the Constellation series features six light designs that debuted at Lasvit’s booth at Euroluce.

The collection additions include the Ursa Minor chandelier, Cassiopeia wall sconce, and Gemini table lamp, which is a “sibling” of the floor lamp Polaris. The three pieces expand the collection that previously contained a horizontal chandelier, a wall sconce, and a floor lamp, each representing the constellations of Cassiopeia, Tri Star, and Polaris respectively.

Founded by Leon Jakimič, Lasvit is known for fusing traditional and modern design to create bespoke installations, as well as stunning glass lighting and glassware collections. Lasvit’s talent for creating breathtaking designs, coupled with Rockwell’s passion for elevating the feeling and aesthetics of a space, make for a truly inspired collaboration.

The idea for Constellation came from the sense of wonder that Rockwell felt while standing in Grand Central Terminal. He and his team wanted to pay tribute to the iconic constellation ceiling that has been in place since 1913. “Grand Central has this feeling of elevation, a sense of wonder. So we started to think about that sense of wonder, and could we create kind of a tribute to the constellation ceiling,” said Rockwell. “That’s why we took that as an idea and created simple constellations that people would recognize.”

The process of creating the Constellation collection was a collaborative effort between David and Lasvit. They worked from the original brief to “create a sense of wonder,” with over 20 different sketches created in the initial stages. Each design was carefully crafted to reflect the unique qualities of its namesake constellation, bringing a little piece of the cosmos indoors.