Our Favorite Furniture and More From Maison & Objet 2022


MOJOW’s MWO5, part of the new MW Collection. Each chair is signed and comes with a unique identification number. Photo courtesy of MOJOW


March 31, 2022

“New Luxuries” was the theme of this spring’s Maison & Objet in Paris, and what a luxurious time it was to explore the sprawling fair—with sunny skies and designers and journalists joining together again from all over the world. Designers, buyers, and creatives checked out the latest inspiring works inside the busy halls of the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center March 24 to 28. From the plushest of furniture to interior design that made us jealous, here are a handful of the designs we loved best. The next fair is scheduled to take place September 8 to 12, 2022.

JULES, the Valet


Jules, the Valet. Design by Sarah Willemart for Maison Dada. Photo courtesy of Maison Dada

This design by Sarah Willemart for Maison Dada puts on a spin on both how you sit and rest for a moment and how you hang your clothes. Made of solid wood and fabric, JULES is a chair by day and valet (clothes hanger) stand by night. Maison Dada was born out of a dream to inject a dose of Dadaïsm into everyday life in 2016.



MWO5, part of the new MW Collection from MOJOW. Photo courtesy of MOJOW

Is it inflatable? The answer is no, but you weren’t the only one who asked. MOJOW’s MWO5 model seen in this photo has walls made of safety glass—in this case a transparent chocolate glass. However, the model could have easily had the walls in cast PMMA—a high-quality acrylic. The team at MOJOW says cast PMMA has the advantage that it can be repaired if scratched, and that it retains its original appearance over time—unlike Plexiglas, which may be similar in appearance but without those benefits. Cast PMMA is also lighter and more transparent than glass, and it allows the MW Collection to sit safely and beautifully outdoors, as UV rays have no effect. Each chair in this collection is signed and comes with a unique identification number.

Ochre Pond Pouf


Pond pouf by Broste Copenhagen. Photo by AETHION

Whether you’re having a party and need an extra seat, just want a place to sit your book, or want to put your feet up, the design team at Broste Copenhagen imagines you right here on their new ottoman. This season the leader in Danish design introduces a new color variation of Pond, the pouf that’s ready to serve as a seat or tray or anything you need. It’s now available in pink, rust red, blue, and ochre.

Cromia Trio pendant lamp


Cromia Trio pendant lamp. Photo courtesy of Plato Design

Shapes meet color in this elegant work from Plato Design. Each Cromia lamp is born from concrete, colored pigments, water, and light—all worked by hand in Italy. The collection includes wall, pendant, and ceiling lamps recognizable by their pure shapes and their vast range of colors: from gray to blue, passing through neutral shades, green, red, and purple. The full range of models and colors allows you to customize to fit any project.



Amphora, by Pia Wüstenberg for Utopia & Utility. Photo courtesy of Utility and Utopia

Finnish-German designer Pia Wüstenberg has created this beautiful statement piece combining cut glass with spun metal and turned wood for the latest Utopia & Utility collection. Amphora is a masterpiece in Bohemian glass cutting and an example of what Pia says she values most about life, as she calls it a journey of contrasts. Utopia & Utility pieces combine the functional with the fantastical, and all works are handmade by individual European artisans and independent studios. The glass used in these pieces is always mouth-blown.



LMP TOTEM 4 lamp. Photo courtesy of Flam et Luce

The LMP TOTEM 4 lamp is part of Flam & Luce’s newest collection. Inspired by all things sacred and spiritual, the design team behind this latest beauty wanted to create something for everyone during a time of isolation. Choose from various sizes and colors to tell your own story.


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