6 New Classics from Maison & Objet 2021


Photo courtesy of Kinta


November 29, 2021

After a 15-month hiatus, Maison&Objet triumphantly returned this year to showcase new interior design, lifestyle, and home products from more than 1,400 brands and designers. The fair offered an opportunity to reconnect in person with more than 48,000 global design industry professionals. The show coincided with Paris Design Week, with nearly 300 new exhibitions on view around the city. Despite recent economic turbulence, 349 new brands exhibited for the first time this year.


azimut knife

In the Details: The black folding blade traces a relief map of the Aiguilles d’Arves mountain in Savoie that’s part of the Maurienne range—the birthplace of Opinel. Photo by Chris Force

For Opinel’s limited edition Escapade artist collection, the French knife company teamed up with tattoo artist Jérémy Groshens. Traveling between the mountains of his native Alsace in eastern France and the Basque Coast, Jérémy works from what he calls the Outdoor Tattoo Truck; it’s a 1972 Digue camper-turned-mobile-workshop and tattoo parlor. Three special knives, including the Azimut seen here, make up this latest collection, of which only 7,600 knives, each with numbered blades, are available worldwide.

Ply Candleholder

ply candleholder

In the Details: Terrazzo and gold steel are used in architectural composition for understated elegance. Photo courtesy of Puik

You don’t even need to light the Ply Candle and Tealight Holder in order for it to catch your attention. Puik is a contemporary Dutch design brand founded by Freek Claessen and Daan Gescher, designing an elegant range of furniture and accessories. In their latest works, Puik brings us the simple beauty of primary shapes with bold silhouettes, reimagined in the design of Ply by Isabel Quiroga using steel and unexpected color (you can get Ply in dark slate with white speckles, too). Isabel is known for her imaginative takes when balancing practicality and originality.

Arches Candleholders

arches candleholders

In the Details: The wood’s veins are still visible due to the half-transparent dye. The candleholder is a set of three in small, medium, and large. The large arch is for two candles. Photo courtesy of Kinta

The new Arches candleholders, part of Kinta’s Autumn 2021 collection, were designed by Kinta’s Nicoline Wrisberg and Arianne Hadders in cooperation with local producer Lorna Ypil from the Philippines. Inspired by the rainbow, the arcs are made from one piece of mahogany wood grown in a plantation. The design team says this autumn is all about round shapes and arches, and the friendly curved arch candleholder fits completely. Kinta is known for its ethical, sustainable production with timeless design, as they work closely with local producers in Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand, using recycled or locally sourced materials wherever possible.

LX Turntable Special Edition

LX turntable

In the Details: The LX and LX Platinum provide professional quality sound with sleek and minimal looks and easy, elegant storage. Focus on the music, as there are no visible cables or chassis, making it feel like the vinyl is floating almost on air. Photo courtesy of La Boite Concept

This special edition LX Turntable is part of a collaboration with Guillaume Grando, also known as SupaKitch. Guillaume is a French multidisciplinary artist known around the world for his work that combines his hip-hop, design, and architecture influence. Gestures, movement, light, and matter continue to influence his work, including this new La Boite concept, which comes in walnut or oak finishes.

NEW MODERN Table system

new modern table system

In the Details: The tables are made using wood from sustainably managed European forests or recycled plastic from yogurt pots. The varnish is water-based to ensure durability over time and easy maintenance. Photo courtesy of Tiptoe

Sustainable furniture brand TIPTOE makes all of their furniture in Europe and has been part of the slow design movement since a 2015 crowdfunding success. The table comes in 136 possible configurations, quick and easy to assemble, with steel legs so the parts can be recycled indefinitely. NEW MODERN is a tribute to the Modern movement that emerged in the 1920s but truly established itself from 1950 to 1990 with beautiful, highly functional, long-lasting furniture. TIPTOE aims to follow in those footsteps with durable products that will stand the test of time.

Kado Vase

kado vase

In the Details: The collection of hand-made and flame-worked borosilicate glass vases have a funnel-shaped diameter adjuster that can be removed when the vase is filled with water. Photo courtesy of Jchendorf

Luca Ladiana designed the Kado vase collection to stand on its own or with a simple branch; who needs flowers? The dry contour of the stem, outlined in the transparency of the glass, dips into a veil of water at the bottom of the vase. At the top, a funnel keeps the bloom central—pure ikebana. Luca graduated from Milan Polytechnic with a degree in interior design and has been collaborating with the Marco Romanelli studio for years. Luca deals with product design, interior architecture, fitting-out, and graphics. Side by side with his design activity, at an academic level, he also carries out critical analysis of the history and contemporaneousness of architecture, art, and design.

Additional reporting by Laura Rote

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