Lucia Eames Sees with the Heart in First In-Depth Exhibition

“Seeing with the Heart” will be on view from June 7-10 for Milan Design Week.

lucia eames 05

Lucia after making an accordion star book in class, 1996. Photo © 2022 Eames Office, LLC dba Lucia Eames Archives


May 13, 2022

Lucia Eames (yes, that Eames) worked in many different mediums: poetry, photography, sculpture, and graphic design among them. For the first time, an in-depth display of her vast array of work will be on display in “Seeing with the Heart” from June 7-10 for Milan Design Week.

The exhibition offers a look into the life of the designer with industrial furniture, cut metal forms, photographs, models, symbols, and sculpture from Lucia’s personal collection, surrounded and accented by her flitting hand-cut butterflies. Located in an apartment in the heart of Brera, “Seeing with the Heart” unveils Lucia’s relationship to the natural world through its presence in the patterns and forms of her work and references her upbringing in the world of her parents, Charles and Ray Eames.

“My siblings and I, as well as our archiving team, are thrilled to bring to life the work of our mother in Milan,” said Lucia Eames Archives’s Carla Atwood Hartman, exhibit curator and Lucia’s daughter. “During our process of archiving, we have delighted in her hope and humor, and now are excited to share her gifts of spirit, joy and optimism with a wider audience to reach new generations of design lovers.”

“Seeing with the Heart” is the archiving team’s first collaboration with Form Portfolios. “We are honored to bring forth the undiscovered legacy of … an artist with a remarkable oeuvre that is rare and unique,” said Mark Masiello, founder of Form Portfolios. ​ ​

lucia eames 03

Vignette of “Cutting Room Floor Series” Furniture: Table and Chairs, n.d. Photo by Lucia Eames, 1997 Photo 2022 Eames Office LLC dba Lucia Eames Archives