“Coming out of lockdown, I saw London filling up with litter as people flooded out eating, drinking, and throwing their disposable cups on the streets. At the same time I saw the local cleaning man sitting on the pavement with a real cup and thermos having a joyful moment. This experience inspired me to design a product based on love and respect to make people appreciate the everyday ritual of having a really nice outdoor meal,” says Filippa Wollbeck, who exhibited at Supersalone 2021’s The Lost Graduation Show in Milan.

Filippa’s stackable “Nomadic Coffee Ceremony” is a heat-insulated portable coffee pot with add-on cups and a lid that transforms the cup into a container and the lid into a coaster.

“This is an attempt to slow down the pace and stay in the moment. I want to challenge the takeaway and the travel mug where you lose the sensory experience and the importance of appreciating food.”

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