Vicostone Creates Moments of Peace

Sixtysix reflects on the daily rituals that enhance our lives, in partnership with Vicostone.


The curve of ocean waves, the flare of lightning bolts, the force of wind gusts—these inspire Vicostone’s designers at every turn, says Vicostone Deputy Director Pham Tri Dzung. “You can find it in the pattern design of the surfaces, in the color of the veins, and in the imagery they evoke. They will focus on a unique element like lightning to re-create not only its look through vein patterns and color combinations, but also the feeling it produces in the spectator.” Studio Sixtysix explores the art of Vicostone’s quartz products—and how their design can transport you to a tranquil, faraway place.


Concept Produced by Studio Sixtysix
Styling by Kristina Walton Zapata
Photos by Chris Force
Words by Laura Rote
Studio Sixtysix is the in-house creative agency to Sixtysix magazine. Studio Sixtysix stories are conceived, produced, and edited by Studio Sixtysix.

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