Foscarini Partners and YLighting on Twiggy’s New Finish Designed by Marc Sadler

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Twiggy is made of a cylindrical diffuser, a connecting rod, and base. At first the rod was produced curved, but it was too costly. Today the rod is made straight, with a weight added to bend the stem, achieving the same result as if the stem was curved in the mold.


May 3, 2021

When Milan-based designer Marc Sadler graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris back in 1968, he had a solid idea of what he thought a designer’s mission should be.

“Form and function were the key concepts,” he says. “The egg has a certain shape so the hen can produce it without difficulty, and the variables around these two founding factors were far from worrying me at that time.”

Now, many years and designs later, he knows design has marketing and economical needs a hen doesn’t. Great industrial design ideas must often be integrated with the requirements of a company, Marc says. “Once in a lifetime it may happen that an idea turns into a revolutionary innovation. That is the magic.”

He says Twiggy—now an iconic floor lamp from Italian design house Foscarini—is one of those rare moments.

“Twiggy has a silhouette that makes it a timeless classic,” he says. “More than 10 years with unchanged allure and still it projects forward with relevant evolutions.”

Twiggy became an instant hit when it first launched in 2006.

The just-released wood veneer finish has designers and retailers alike excited, including YLighting, who recently partnered with Foscarini, Twiggy’s producer, to be the exclusive vendor of the new finish through August.

The new 2021 wood veneer finish was chosen for its flexibility, as it matches with almost any furniture.

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