Winter Elements

The elements of winter are harsh, but beautiful—black ice, sharp winds, flickering fires. Each instills a physical sense of time and place. Likewise, the elements of style jolt a person into the present. Pupils dilate, dopamine floods. Together the elements offer a glimpse into the winter style accessories that embody the most appetizing contemporary fashion—a series of looks symbolizing the changing of seasons.

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January 12, 2024

winter style accessories
winter style accessories wind shoes

Above: Cagole Slingback Pumps, Balenciaga

Left: PR 71ZS, Prada Sunglasses

winter elements wind bracelet
winter elements ice glasses
winter elements ice shoe

Above: Miyako Boot, Isabel Marant

Left: BB0041S Sunglasses, Balenciaga

winter style accessories ice bag

Above: Mini Voyou Denim Hobo, Givenchy

Right: Embossed Leather TB Wallet, Burberry

winter style accessories ice wallet
winter style accessories snow glasses
winter style accessories snow shoe

Above: Leather Fiona Boots 95, Amina Muaddi

Left: Flame Acetate Oval Sunglasses, Loewe

winter elements snow bracelet

Above: Resin Dome Cuff Bracelet, Saint Laurent

Right: The Peak Bag, Alexander McQueen

winter elements snow bag
winter style accessories fire glasses
winter elements fire bag
winter style accessories charcoal glasses
winter style accessories charcoal shoes

Above: Pointed Toe Mule, Balenciaga

Left: 51mm Rectangular Sunglasses, Prada

winter style accessories charcoal ring

Products courtesy of Nordstrom
Hair & Makeup by Liv Morales
Model: Lexi Pepoy, The Rock Agency


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