T.O Lights Combine Sculpture and Function

to lights 01

T.O's light arm rotates 360 degrees and is fully dimmable to suit any setting. Courtesy of Pablo Designs


June 23, 2022

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The T.O Lights from Pablo Designs are a masterful blend of sculpture and functional lighting. Standing on a monolithic column, T.O from Pablo Designs celebrates light as a pillar of daily life. Designed by Carmine Deganello and Pablo Studio, T.O comes in Floor and Table versions whose intelligent designs and beautiful finishes earned them top prize in the 2022 Interior Design Hip Awards for the Lighting category.

T.O creates a conversation between lightness and solidity with a delicate, magnetically attached light arm over an anchoring marble cylinder base. Discreet ferrous inserts allow for the magnetic connection, and split front and rear sections allow for 360 degree rotation to focus the light as needed.

The light wand’s full rotation can provide direct and indirect light for either task or ambient lighting needs, making the table lamp a good fit for residential and workplace settings alike. A fully dimmable LED light switch is controlled with a tactile push switch at the end of the light arm.

A minimal footprint gives T.O Table and Floor both the ability to stand comfortably in any space. The table lamp’s horizontally and vertically adjustable arm provides precise light control, which becomes even more personalized given the switch’s fully adjustable dimming capacity.

Carmine, known for his work experimenting with materiality, made the lights with high polish metal and natural stone, creating contrast amid the proportioned balance. As such, T.O is offered in two matte base finishes in Marquina black and Carrara white. The light arm comes in gorgeously polished brass and chrome, offering a few variations on the sculptural look of the lamps.

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