The Power of Porcelain

The Taoxichuan Hotel is a tribute to the technique and experience of porcelain in the heart of its birthplace.

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May 18, 2023

ceramic interior design reception 01

Set in phase 2 of Taoxichuan, an art and tourism development in the heart of Jingdezhen, the Taoxichuan Hotel by Hyatt explores the vast ways to incorporate ceramics in design and interior architecture. With architecture by David Chipperfield Architects and interior design by AIM Architects, each space incorporates ceramics in moving ways, staying true to the spirit and history of the material.

Jingdezhen is in the Jiangxi province of eastern China, a region known for its porcelain. The hotel is in fact situated on the site of a former porcelain factory complex. The industrial campus is transformed in a masterplan by David Chipperfield Architects consisting of The Grand Theater, a music academy, and a hotel complex, which includes the Toaxichuan Hotel.

Left: Toaxichuan Hotel reception. Photos by WenStudio, courtesy of AIM Architects

AIM’s interior design of the hotel is greatly influenced by the cultural context of its location. To build upon the history of the site, AIM embraces the earthen roots of the project, extending the brick facades inside.

ceramic interior design lounge 01
Taoxichuan Hotel hallway 01

The physical spaces of the hotel are metaphors for steps of the journey of porcelain from China, its spread and influence in the broader world, and the return to its origins. The different spaces are the origin (Lobby), the creation (Lounge Emerald), the discovery (Ballroom), the fascination (Cobalt Restaurant), the appreciation (Fitness Center), and the return (Guestrooms).

ceramic interior design lounge 01

Each space in the hotel utilizes and is inspired by different techniques of porcelain production—like the green Celeron glazing in the hotel lounge.

ceramic interior design washroom 01

The restaurant (right) and fitness center (bathroom at left) are dedicated to the practice of using cobalt for blue coloring.

ceramic interior design Taoxichuan Hotel 08
ceramic interior design lobby01

The series of platforms and fire-like lighting in the main hall are inspired by ceramic kilns.

ceramic interior design Taoxichuan Hotel 01

The guest rooms, called Ateliers, are places for guests to retreat and rejuvenate. The unglazed, workshop-like textures—canvas walls, clay colors—feel like a place of self-creation and unaffected relaxation.

Taoxichuan Hotel guest room 01
ceramic interior design Taoxichuan Hotel 02
ceramic interior design Taoxichuan Hotel 04
ceramic interior design Taoxichuan Hotel 03

Location: Jingdezhen, China
Completion: 2021
Architecture: David Chipperfield Architects
AIM Design Scope: Interior design + FF&E of all public spaces and guest rooms
Contractor: Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co., Ltd
Photography: WenStudio