5 Must-Reads for the Design-Minded Book Lover


December 5, 2018

There’s been no shortage of exemplary books to pass over our desks recently, with works as diverse as George Saunders’ award-winning experimental lit and a graphic history of Chicago’s bizarre gang business cards. Here we spotlight five must-reads for creatives. From navigating the subway to slipping in odd places, our current reading list belongs on your bookshelf.


by Brian Grazer.
224 pages, Simon & Schuster. $24

Brian Grazer, along with Ron Howard, is the man behind Imagine Entertainment (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind). His films have been nominated for more than 40 Academy Awards. Following up on his New York Times bestseller A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life, Brian delves into the power of eye contact with the goal of building a “more meaningful life.”

BUY NOW: $24


by Massimo Vignelli
with Beatriz Cifuentes.
408 pages, Rizzoli. $100

This is the definitive monograph on Massimo and Lella Vignelli. Massimo closely collaborated on the book prior to his death in 2014. The book highlights their iconic work with American Airlines, Benetton, the New York Subway, and Knoll as well as lesser-known early work the couple created in their native Italy.

BUY NOW: $100


by Adam Goldberg / The Goldberg Sisters.
32 pages, (2) 180g Vinyl LP.
Hat & Beard Press. $65

In conjunction with his new psych-pop album of the same name, actor/musician Adam Goldberg has created a book of his instant photography work. The images are an extension of his lifelong obsession with physically documenting moments in time, especially eerie double-exposed images and moody self-portraits. Adam is largely known for his work as an actor (Saving Private Ryan, Entourage) and singer (The Goldberg Sisters).

BUY NOW: $65


by the New York
Foundation for the Arts.
288 pages, Second Edition, Allworth Press. $24.99

“We strongly believe in the creative process,” says Michael Royce from the New York Foundation for the Arts in the foreword. In 2011, the first edition became the definitive guide to being a professional—and profitable—working artist. The second edition provides tips for career planning, fundraising, sales, and networking strategies.

BUY NOW: $24.99


by Max Siedentopf,
photos by JP Bonino & Felicia Lacroze.
68 pages, Limited Edition. £25

Banana takes readers across mesmerizing landscapes as we follow a couple who, for some reason, keeps slipping on bananas. It’s a silly story beautifully executed by German artist Max Siedentopf and Argentinian photographer JP Bonino. Plus, it’s covered in fruit stickers. What’s not to love?

BUY NOW: £25

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