7 Home Studio Tours from Creatives in Quarantine


April 1, 2020

Creating in the time of coronavirus: It’s not easy, especially when lockdowns force designers inside, often without access to their studios. We asked creatives around the world to share their home setups and how they’re adapting to life under quarantine.

Ana Hop, Photographer

Mexico City-based photographer Ana Hop has worked for clients such as Vogue Mexico, Vogue Latin America, Harper’s Bazaar Mexico, National Geographic Traveler, CNN Expansión, and more.

“These days I’ve been cleaning up and rearranging my studio … I’m going to try to clean it up and organize all of my film, some prints that I have, and things that I’m not usually doing because I don’t have enough time.”


Vincent Fournier, Photographer and Artist

Vincent Fournier is a French photographer and artist whose work focuses on space exploration, utopian architecture, and technology.

“We left Paris … for our countryside house in Burgundy. We’ll be staying here for at least a month due to the tragic and unusual circumstances.”


Hazel Imogen, Associate Creative Director

Chicago-based Hazel Imogen is an associate creative director at ES99.

“One of the biggest challenges is, at my agency, I’ve got whiteboards everywhere. So you’ll see that I had to [put] some sticky notes [on the wall] just to keep track of where I’m at with all of my clients. I’m really visual so I like to have things on the wall like that.”


MURUGIAH, Illustrator

MURUGIAH is an illustrator living in London. He’s worked with brands such as Apple, Vans, Facebook, Penguin, Disney, and more.

“My desk is made up of our headboard from the bedroom and some of my shoe shelves. It’s a makeshift desk.”


Lou Wright, Designer

Australia-based Lou Wright is a designer, illustrator, and artist.

“Moving around a lot, you know, it’s really taught me that you don’t need a lot and that you can actually make a home office with a lot of stuff you already have.”


Kyle T. Webster, Illustrator

Kyle T. Webster’s illustrations have appeared in The New Yorker, TIME, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Entertainment Weekly, and more. He lives in North Carolina.

“For one thing, I’ve been making sure that I draw twice as much as usual just to kind of stay sane. Drawing is my escape, it makes me happy.”


Chuck Kerr, Design Director

Chuck Kerr is the deputy design director at Entertainment Weekly. He lives in Los Angeles.

“If I feel like I need to take a break at any time, I’ve got a little music setup here. And also for inspiration I’ll look through other magazines. I try to go to the newsstand as often as I can, and there is a lot of really cool stuff being done that is always really inspirational.”