Foscarini Gets Animated in Stefano Colferai Collaboration


January 29, 2024

A mustached man made from clay does squats on a little plasticine yoga mat. As he grunts and huffs, my eye turns towards the glowing lamp in the background, a Calder-like floor lamp that blends right into the colorful claymation workout room. It’s none other than Foscarini’s Orbital, a glass tower designed by Ferruccio Laviani.

Five Foscarini lamps have been transformed into cartoon renditions through a new collaboration with Milanese animator Stefano Colferai. It’s the latest addition to the brand’s “What’s in a lamp?” series, which taps international artists and content creators for creative takes on living with Foscarini lamps. Stefano’s animations fill Foscarini’s Instagram grid, giving us a day in the life of a chinless painter who illuminates his home with a grand selection of these Italian lights.

Stefano found inspiration for his series from VITE, an ad campaign Foscarini released in 2022. It was a collection of photos, videos, and storytelling that showed how Foscarini enhances emotion and atmosphere in the homes of real families.

“Engaged in character design and stimulated by Foscarini’s project, I wanted to create my own character and let him live in various hypothetical settings, much like snapshots of lives. The character thus experiences his daily routine accompanied by the light and form of the lamps in different rooms, preserving the language that characterizes my artistic style with the same spontaneity as the VITE
stories,” Stefano explained in a Q&A with Foscarini.

Our guy spends a leisurely day basked in warm, ambient lighting. He eats breakfast with Aplomb Mini illuminating his toast, re-pots some plants with a spiky red Tuareg behind him, takes a luxurious bath with a couple Greggs glowing around the tub, begins his next painting with Aplomb Large providing the ideal overhead lighting, and reads before bed with the tall, skinny Birdie by his side.

Stefano also hid some Easter eggs in his animations. Our plasticine lead paints a serene Venice landscape, a nod to Foscarini’s origins. It’s also a personal touch: Stefano’s grandfather was a painter who used postcards and photographs for reference.

The Foscarini products are so well integrated into Stefano’s environments that they don’t even feel like product placement. Instead, there’s an unexpected excitement in discovering that the bold primary colors of the Orbital could be transported into my own home. Stefano treats Foscarini like a fandom. Just as one would clamor for the Pixar desk lamp (made by Luxo), one finds themselves scrounging the internet for a soft shelled Gregg.

All six animations are now posted to the Foscarini Instagram page. The cozy atmosphere will have you longing for a day off, spent indoors in the warm glow of a Foscarini fixture.