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January 2, 2019

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SOG stays sharp—and not just because they make knives and multi-tools. The company started by creating replicas of the knives used by the Studies and Observation Group (SOG), a Special Forces team in Vietnam. Now the cutting-edge company uses research as its design platform. “We talk to everybody—from moms to wedding planners, to people working on motorcycles, and baristas,” says Beren McKay, mechanical engineer at SOG Knives. The design team does one-on-one interviews from a widely generated user base and seeks feedback on social media. They care more about user opinions than what’s trending. That’s how they make their tools blend seamlessly with daily life. Beren says design is a series of choices. SOG makes those choices based on customer feedback. “You won’t see flash for flash’s sake,” he says. “Our form really does follow the function.”

Terminus XR

The Terminus XR is a versatile knife you can open with one hand. It has three ambidextrous ways to disengage the blade, so you can choose whichever way is the most comfortable for you.

BUY NOW: $79.99

Baton Series

The Baton Series is the next generation of multi-tools for the modern-day office worker. Instead of a weighty block of steel, it’s sleek and lightweight.

BUY NOW: $39.95


This knife is made for the international traveler, so you have it when you need it. It’s legal to carry almost anywhere, and the finger guard beneath the blade keeps you safe.

BUY NOW: $67.00

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