Sixtysix Issue 07 is Out Now

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November 26, 2021

Sixtysix Issue 07 is available worldwide now!

In our largest issue yet, we traveled the world to bring together a fascinating cross-section of the global creative community.

Just outside of Barcelona we visited Apparatu, the studio where Xavier Mañosa experiments with ceramics, creating avant-garde pieces for companies like Hermés, Isabel Marant, and the Spanish lighting firm Marset.

Our globetrotting found us in the Swiss apartment of Ini Archibong, whose work blends traditional and modern techniques to much acclaim—whether he’s creating furniture, sculpture, or any other form of art.

Sculptor Najla El Zein splits her time between Lebanon and Amsterdam, where we caught up with her to discuss her love for stone. Najla is a self-professed addict to working with stone, and she makes a good case for the medium: “Stone leads you to where you need to go,” she says. “It’s a material that’s alive… There’s always space for pushing the material and pushing the design, and I really love that. It’s a very spontaneous way of working.”⁠

Back in the US, we found Michelle Zauner relaxing in her Adirondacks retreat and writing studio while on a break from her band’s tour. The Japanese Breakfast frontwoman and bestselling author of Crying in H Mart has had a huge year. Her third studio album, Jubilee, released in June, is a celebration of joy, standing as a kind of proof that healing has followed all of the loss and sadness Michelle has written about in her previous music as well as her autobiographical book.

Anna Akana in Los Angeles has built a career on telling her most personal stories. After using YouTube as a platform to share her comedy, Anna has made the jump to the big screen as an actor and a writer.

We stopped by sculptor Julien Berthier’s studio in Paris, but he tends to find his inspiration on the road, and many of his projects can be found far from the heart of the city—even as far as the Mediterranean, where “L’Invisible” floats, by all means a rock-shaped boat (or is it a boat-shaped rock?)

In our home Chicago, we chatted with Caroline Kent in her studio. Caroline exudes positivity, calling her craft the “joy of making” and citing painting with her kids as one of her favorite casual exercises in creativity. “I allow myself to play because it feels so low risk, but then I end up making some of the strongest compositions in those moments, sitting there at the kitchen table with my kids,” Caroline says.

We visited with Leyden Lewis, the Brooklyn-based interior designer whose passion for color and style melds histories and cultures into spaces we love. His “happy design” brings candy colors and unexpected forms into spaces with an almost instinctive creativity. “There’s this kind of gravity that an object will have, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that thing—whatever it is—we must pull it into the story,’” Leyden says. “I can’t exactly tell you what [the draw] is; it’s almost like a world between spirit and magic.”

We also went overseas to pick our favorites from Maison & Objet in Paris and Supersalone in Milan, and traveled west to Monterey, CA to see the incredible array of cars at Monterey Car Week—and still, there’s more. We can’t wait for you to see all that’s inside.



SS issue 07 ini archibong

Ini Archibong

SS issue 07 anna akana

Anna Akana

SS issue 07 eric hu

Eric Hu

SS issue 07 delphine diallo

Delphine Diallo

SS issue 07 Benedict Redgrove

Benedict Redgrove

SS issue 07 apparatu


SS issue 07 kusheda mensah

Kusheda Mensah

SS issue 07 vicostone

Moments of Peace, created with Vicostone

SS issue 07 studio lilo

Lilo Klinkenberg

SS issue 07 salone

Salone del Mobile 2021

SS issue 07 places

Ilioupoli apartment by Point Supreme Architects

SS issue 07 michelle zauner

Michelle Zauner