What to Expect at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022


March 16, 2022

Organizers For Salone 2022 held a press conference this morning to kick off the 60th edition of the arguably the world’s most important furniture and design fair.

Here’s what stood out to us:

The fair has been rescheduled to June 7th to 12th.

  • An emphasis has been put on sustainability and environmental awareness. “We cannot stand still, in fact we have a duty to move even faster in the direction of design, production and distribution solutions that are as sustainable as possible – what we need today is an ethical approach to design,” says Maria Porro, president of Salone del Mobile.Milano.

Rendering courtesy of Mario Cucinella

  • Mario Cucinella will create a pavilion, Design with Nature, to explore the “future of home living.”
  • The fair is planning on hosting 2,000 exhibitors.
  • 600 young designers under 35 from 48 countries will participate in the 23rd edition of SaloneSatellite; this year’s theme is Designing for our Future Selves.
  • The fair will also host the biennial events EuroCucina (82 exhibitors), FTK (39 participants demonstrating technology for the kitchen), and the International Bathroom Exhibition (172 exhibitors).

La Scatola Magica

  • A selection of Italian films all themed around different values (quality, integrity, etc.) will be shown offsite at the Palazzo Reale’s Sala delle Cariatidi.

Altogether it looks like Salone 2022 is on in full force. We will have more updates when available.