Vegan Chef Priyanka Naik is Making Moves

priyanka naik kitchen

Vegan Chef Priyanka Naik is in the midst of moving to a new place in Manhattan, but she'll miss the tidiness of her condo kitchen. Here she uses the Lenox Luna Nesting Dinnerware Set for dinner prep. Photo by Seth Caplan



January 7, 2022

Kitchen Tours with Creatives goes behind the scenes to photograph some of the top creatives in their home kitchens, exploring their design philosophy and what they most love about their own spaces. 

In vegan Chef Priyanka Naik’s small Manhattan kitchen, the smell of savory spices fills the air. When we visit, she’s cooking up her Indian Home Fries with Peanuts, a recipe from her debut cookbook The Modern Tiffin. The self-taught chef takes us all over the world in the pages of her new book, as she puts her own Indian-inspired twist to each dish, whether it’s her Bucatini à la Pumpkin with Pink Peppercorn and Pistachio or the Cardamom Sweet Tea Spritzer.

But in late 2021, Priyanka was on another journey—moving from her Manhattan condo into another home in Manhattan—when she kindly allowed us into her world for a morning. “I will miss the convenience of my original kitchen and minimal cleaning—small spaces mean less to clean—but definitely not the tightness,” she told us. “I am looking forward to open space, natural light, large countertops, and awesome appliances. AKA my dream kitchen.”

As she prepared for the move, she was also busy continuing to promote The Modern Tiffin as well as spread the word about Veganuary—an annual challenge that promotes veganism by encouraging people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. “With Veganuary here, my book and recipes are more important than ever,” she says.

We talked to Chef Priyanka a bit more about what makes a dream kitchen and what she loves most about cooking.

One unexpected thing I love about cooking is… how therapeutic it is.

One thing I simply can’t live without is… in life? My family. In the kitchen? My mortar and pestle.

When it comes to kitchen design, I really wish people would… put the stove top in the middle of an island instead of putting the sink there! And all kitchens should be open concept.

I am happiest in the kitchen when… experimenting with a new recipe for fun! Assuming things turn out delicious…

When it comes to vegan cooking, I wish… people kept an open mind. I rarely ever eat salad and certainly don’t spend copious amounts of money on vegan food (which are some of the misconceptions of vegan food).

My refrigerator is… surprisingly not packed!

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