Available Now: The Inaugural Print Issue of Sixtysix


November 7, 2018

Today we bring you our debut print issue of Sixtysix—itself a work of art when you think about the effort and attention poured into each page. The new, nearly 200-page magazine hits shelves and mailboxes all over the world as we speak.

Our first issue of Sixtysix offers an intimate look into the lives of top designers and artists—from Europe to South America and back to the States—with an emphasis on how they create their work. This issue features the work of industrial designers Carl Gustav Magnusson and Cecilie Manz as well as a behind-the-scenes Q&A with the mastermind behind the world’s fastest car—Christian von Koenigsegg. Stories like these run alongside interviews with writers, photographers, musicians, and architects, from George Saunders to Turnstile to Snøhetta.

“We wanted to take a different approach to the dialogue on design with Sixtysix, moving away from retail and trends-focused reporting and instead focusing on how designers are working now—tapping into their interests, process, habits, and sources of work,” says Publisher Chris Force. (Read his note to readers.)

On Nov. 15, Sixtysix gathers with creatives from all over Chicago—including artists, designers, and car enthusiasts—to celebrate the premier issue at Morgan MFG. To find out more about the magazine or the special event, email press@sixtysixmag.com.


SS10 cover