Piero Lissoni’s 35 Years of Curiosity and Collaboration with Porro

The Boutique Mast system by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro.


June 16, 2022

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“As an architect I get a special feeling when I design something. I can fall into pure process,” says Piero Lissoni as we walk through the Porro exhibit at Salone del Mobile.

Piero has been collaborating with Porro for 35 years, blending his vision with Porro’s technical expertise. Together they’ve defined an entire generation’s understanding of luxury Italian interiors.

As we walk by Storage, a new dressing room system, Piero casually pulls a small shelf lamp. He holds it up in amazement, readjusts its angle, and clicks it back into place, marveling at the simplicity of the wireless system. “Everything we do is about human proportion, the human experience.”

Materic is the table project conceived in 2017 by Piero Lissoni with the idea of experimenting with the versatility of matter in elementary geometries. The table is newly available in natural brushed ash.

I ask Piero if over his 35 years of collaborating with Porro he’s ever been bored, ever felt uninspired. He pauses in front of the Materic table—a large, tapered tabletop on a cone base made from beautiful brushed natural ash—and looks back at me, slightly puzzled. “This is like my Disneyland. I’ve always stayed curious.”

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