12 Super Fun Gift Ideas for Your Party Monster Friends

party monster


October 27, 2019

These gifts are perfect for the person in your life who’s always asking, perhaps too excitedly, “What’s your Myers-Briggs?!” The center of attention, or at least the one who’s always bringing people together, this party person doesn’t have a fear of missing out because they wouldn’t miss it in the first place.


1. SuperConnect

Digital radio in a classic style. SuperConnect captures everything you love about music (and design!) and puts it all in one delightful package, which comes as no surprise considering REVO’s decade of award-winning product design and development. Functionalism meets craft and technology, as this “connected” radio delivers more than 36,000 radio stations from all over the globe. You can also pull from Spotify, access your personal music collection, and more using the app.

Buy it: SuperConnect, $419.95


sonos vinyl set

2. Pro-Ject Essential III Phono Turntable Vinyl Set by Sonos

Skip the complicated setup, just plug in, turn it up, and rock out with the Vinyl Set from Sonos. Get studio-quality sound from Play:5, and connect the turntable to play vinyl or stream with the Sonos app.

Buy it: Sonos, $829


heatch ceramics ashtray

3. Large Bronze Ashtray

This art piece by Los Angeles–based artist Nancy Pearce is made in the form of an ashtray as an homage to the iconic shape of Edith Heath’s 1940s ashtray design. This weighted objet d’art bronze piece—weighing in at more than 5 pounds—makes a great statement piece for the home or a perfect spot for some mints, but we’d rather you didn’t use it as an actual ashtray.

Buy it: Heath Ceramics, $400


PAX 3 rose gold

4. Rose Gold Vaporizer

It’s a party! Elevate your vapor experience with style from Pax. This portable vaporizer is powerful and easy to use. It heats up in just 22 seconds and is good for up to 10 sessions per charge.

Buy it: PAX, $199.99


drink rocks

5. Drink Rocks

Keep those drinks undiluted and looking good with fun geometric shaped stones. Chill them in your freezer so you’re ready to go the next time your crew stops by. These cool Drink Rocks are made with natural materials and finished by hand, so each looks different from the last.

Buy it: Areaware, $35


HAY jug

6. HAY Jug

Wondering how to return the love to that extroverted friend who’s always hosting you for dinner? This chic HAY Jug belongs at the center of any great host’s table. Expert glass artist Jochen Holz designed the jug with extra heat-resistant glass, so you can ensure this unique and graceful piece will be the topic of conversation for many meals to come.

Buy it: Hay, $40


crest bottle opener

7. Crest Bottle Opener

Complete your buddy’s wet bar with the arty Crest Bottle Opener. A handsome and functional gift, this solid brass opener will come in handy for anyone with a knack for drinking. It’s lightweight but sturdy, so it stays practical even after you throw back a few bottles.

Buy it: FS Objects, $44


LIFX beam

8. LIFX Beam Starter Kit

Shape the mood (literally) for any party with the modular LED Wi-Fi smart light from LIFX. Easily control the Kelvins in the room or go all hygge like we did when we set ours up in the studio with the Apple HomeKit.

Buy it: LIFX, $149.99


smoke grenade

9. Smoke Grenade

For the friend who makes an impression (to say the least), this EG18X Smoke Grenade is perfect. The Enola Gaye Wire Pull ignition makes things simple. Just pull the ring to the side and a cloud of smoke is activated right away. In a flash of colored smoke, poof—they’re gone. It just may be their next great party trick.

Buy it: Enola Gaye, $11


ratio eight

10. Ratio Coffee maker

Designer Mark Hellweg asked, “why do only premium espresso machines get the high design treatment?” He answered back with Ratio, a simple yet beautiful way to brew coffee at home. The Ratio Eight is finished in stunning matte black powder coat with dark walnut trim, sure to elevate the beginning of your gathering.

Buy it: Ratio, $495 and up


aeropress go travel coffee press

11. AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

Speaking of keeping caffeinated, it’s Sunday morning after a big night out, and your party monster friend is feeling a little “under the weather.” They’ll be able to rally after a mug (or two) of rich coffee from the Aero Press Go coffee-maker. The Aero Press Go is easy to clean, lightweight, and durable, so they can keep the party going wherever life takes them next.

Buy it: AeroPress, $31.95


white ruffled baker casafina

12. Ruffled Baker

Host your next holiday party with the Casafina Ruffled Baker. Made in Portugal, this piece of stoneware will show off your best throwback casserole recipe.

Buy it: Casafina, $59.95





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