The Ideal Beach Ride Returns to America

moke side view


October 28, 2022

After a 40 year hiatus, the Mini Moke returns to America, reimagined in the Electric Moke Californian—perfect for a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway. With a range of 80 miles, the highway-legal, electric, zero-emissions version of the original 1964 Mini Moke can cruise straight from Santa Barbara to Malibu with a top speed of 50mph.

The Electric Moke Californian is hand-crafted in the UK to the same high specifications and standards as the Electric Mini Moke that is on sale in Europe, but its name is unique to the US market as a tribute to the 1977 car by the same name. The 1977 Californian was manufactured and sold through 1982.

“It’s great to be able to offer the US market a genuine MOKE car for the first time in 40 years,” said Isobel Dando, CEO Moke International. “The original Moke Californian represented an incredibly important chapter in the company’s rich history; we are proud that the MOKE lives on and can be enjoyed in the electric era.”

The original Mini Moke was designed as a lightweight military vehicle that could be parachuted into warzones. It swiftly grew popular internationally as a beach ride—its open top is perfect for hauling surfboards and inviting the sun and sea breeze.

The Electric Moke Californian joins the fleet of colorful beach cars with a 44hp electric motor and weighs less than 800kg. The rear-wheel-drive Electric Moke Californian covers 0-34mph in 4.3 seconds.

electric moke californian santa barbara harbor

MOKE International owns the original 1964 British Motor Corporation Moke trademarks and is recognized as the owner of the Moke brand. It is the first 1960s brand to go fully electric.


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