Marset’s Ginger Collection Moves Mediterranean Style Outdoors

Marset’s new energy-efficient Ginger Outdoor Collection gives off a lively and inviting radiance.

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May 10, 2022

“Lighting shouldn’t be invasive; it should always complement the environment,” says Joan Gaspar, creative director for Marset. “It should be beautiful whether on or off. It should provide a balance in our living spaces.”

Barcelona-based Marset manufactures modern, decorative light fixtures—the latest of which, the popular LED-Ginger collection, is moving outdoors with wall sconces, bollard and pathway lights, and a large-scale lamppost fixture. Joan’s goal was to create new environments with warm and subtle lighting, reflecting Spain’s playful, Mediterranean attitude no matter where you are.

“I always draw by hand, just as if it were an indoor design, but in this case with a mind for the added factor that comes from the product being permanently outdoors—factors such as materials, treatments, and structural design. Then I use a 3D printer so I can see things much faster, and which helps me to create mockups.”

Joan says Marset looks at designing for the whole environment, indoors and out, for a cohesive collection, now with elegant options for illuminating everything from entrances and facades to porches and pathways. “Our objective is versatility while maintaining continuity of form,” he says.

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