Mark Grattan Shares His Must-Have Fitness Products

mark grattan furniture designer portrait

Mark Grattan, furniture designer and cofounder of VIDIVIXI, shares his musts for at-home fitness or a day at the gym. Portrait courtesy of VIDIVIXI


January 20, 2021

Mark Grattan is the cofounder and creative director at Mexico City furniture design studio VIDIVIXI. The Ohio native moved from New York City to Mexico City in 2016 when he met Adam Caplowe, originally from London, at a friend’s birthday party, and they started their latest venture.

Today the creative duo works all over the city and world with many different producers and manufacturers. Their latest showroom opened in 2019 and overlooks the abandoned Cine Opera building in San Rafael—a great neighborhood, they say, to work in beautiful spaces without paying exorbitant rents.

black nike dri fit cap mark grattan

1. Black Nike Dri-FIT Cap

No nonsense and no jazz. The clothing I wear tends to be extremely understated, so it only makes sense that the list of items tend to fall within an identical color scheme or within a particular aesthetic. Nike’s Dri-FIT is not only great for a bald head (it cups it well), it also dries fairly quick and doesn’t leave my face and forehead dripping in sweat while deep in exercise.

Buy it: Nike Dri-FIT Aerobill Featherlight, $26

nike pro flex vent shorts black

2. Nike Pro Flex Vent Shorts in Black

These are great for running and cross training. I discovered these shorts in LA last year during a work trip and was stoked. In a nutshell they’re just a great fashion-forward cut on sports attire. The fit is outstanding and I am surprised to be saying this about something I work out in, but they’re just so well considered, and I love that.

Buy it: Nike Pro Flex Vent Max, $50

weighted jump rope mark grattan

3. Weighted Jump Rope

My jump rope has become my new best friend during the COVID-19 pandemic. Physical health and fitness are super important for my mental health primarily. Finding new ways to achieve the intensity of a workout without a gym became a significant challenge for me since the gym officially closed back in March 2020. A jump rope can offer such a great cardio workout and is also so great when you’re dying to fit in a workout while traveling.

Buy it: Get Lean by Crossrope, $99

nike vapor max running shoes black

4. Running Shoes Not Meant for Running

I’m a big fan of Nike’s Vapor Max line of footwear in black. I own three pairs, all in black. These are my go-to. Interestingly enough I feel a Vapor Max can be dressed up. I also feel I could use some height in my step and do appreciate the added dimension they give me. Before I discovered the Vapor Max it was Chuck Taylors and Vans, which are terrible for rain, not good for winter, and not really good when you’re standing all day. We spend a lot of time visiting factories and just running around in general. The expansive air cushion functions perfectly for this reason.

Buy it: Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit Running Shoes, $220

nalgene water bottle

5. Nalgene Water Bottle in Transparent Black

Isn’t it the worst when you open your fridge, pour a glass of water, and it smells like the salami sandwich your boyfriend half-ate? Nalgene patented a process that keeps odors off your water. So good. Also, VIDIVIXI takes a lot of trips, and we are constantly on the move. Staying hydrated is key. Key for good skin, key for flushing toxins, and just the best way to keep you active through work stress. A couple drops of Chlorophyll and a few liters of water a day could bring us all closer to the fountain of youth. Swear.

Buy it: Nalgene 32oz Narrow Mouth Bottle, $12

feit red leather wallet mark grattan

6. An Empty Leather Wallet

I’m currently carrying a handmade Feit red leather wallet gifted by a friend. Feit is one of my favorite shoe brands. I love simple wallets and prefer to hold one or two key components to a wallet. ID and money and maybe the business card for the glass-cut and polish shop up the street. Single-piece leather wallets are choice. I’ve retired my older wallet, also a single-piece leather (and beautifully worn) but recently upgraded to Feit’s horizontal wallet in a surprising, almost oxblood red. Goes great with my wardrobe palette. Thank you, Mani.

Buy it: Feit Horizontal Wallet, $125

sennheiser momentum true wireless 2

7. Bluetooth Headphones

It’s extremely difficult for me to plow through a workout without headphones on deck, and without them it’s nearly impossible to focus on the task at hand. In Mexico I spend quite a bit of time in Ubers. It’s not the most ecological solution to commuting back and forth throughout the day, but to be honest, it’s cheap, so I ride. Riding a bike through town is romantic, but the air pollution is not. Headphones are a must for daily car rides. Sometimes outside of city limits.

Buy it: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, $300

aesop spray deodorant

8. Aesop Spray Deodorant

It’s the only deodorant that seems to work for my chemical balance. It protects all day and is expensive as hell but worth every penny. Aesop deodorant, as we would assume, has an amazing scent. Past the obvious, it’s long-lasting, doesn’t build up, and just feels clean. The compact proportions of the bottle are something to note as well. Highly recommended.

Buy it: Aesop Spray Deodorant, $35 


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