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Japanese designer Kodai Iwamoto asked himself, “What would happen if an old manufacturing process met a cheap and mass-produced material?”

Iwamoto used traditional glass blowing techniques and standard PVC plastic pipes to create these beautiful vases, on display now at Milan Design Week 2018.

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【展覧会のお知らせ】 ※English version is below 4 月17 日よりミラノで開催されるミラノデザインウィークにて、昨年10 月に発表しました照明の”Quartz Lamp” と、新作の素材実験プロジェクト"PLASTIC BLOWING" を発表します。 今年のミラノは若手日本人デザイナー数名とチームアップし結成したEX-PORTATIONのメンバーの一人として参加します。 みなさまのお越しをぜひお待ちしております。 Happy announcing that I'm showing my latest work "Quartz lamp" and "Plastic Blowing Project" as a member of a exhibition "EX-PORTATION" during upcoming milan design week. You can also find some young japanese designers' works there. Looking forward to seeing you soon. EX-PORTATION 2018 Dates: 2018.04.17-22 10:00-20:00(17-21,Tuesday to Saturday) 10:00-18:00(22,Sunday) Place: LOFT by VENTURA FUTURE, via Donatello 36, 20131 Milano webpage: #design #milandesignweek #venturafuture #productdesign #contemporaryart #EX-PORTATION

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The pipes are heated for a short time and then blown into a standard wood mould. The finished vases are part of the Ex-Portation exhibit open now through April 22, 2018.

Kodai Iwamoto was born in Kagoshima, Japan and graduated with a Masters in Product Design from École cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) in Switzerland. To see more of his work visit:

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