7 Iconic Designs for the Bedroom to Gift this Year

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November 25, 2022

The 2022 gift guide includes iconic design gifts for each room.

In the bedroom, design makes a difference. It’s the environment where you start and finish every day, where you spend the majority of your time (even if most of the time you’re asleep). From lamps to blankets, hooks to side tables, there are hundreds of beautiful products to incorporate to this space. We picked just a few iconic designs for the bedroom that we think would universally please any recipient.

1. Hudson Bay Blanket

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The Hudson Bay Point Blanket is perhaps the most recognizable blanket of all, but its history is speckled with controversy and colonialism in Canada. That doesn’t make its wool any less cozy or its weave any lower quality. The wool is a blend from Britain and New Zealand that is water-resistant, soft (compared to most wool), warm, and strong. The multistripe colorway of green, red, yellow, and indigo dates back to 1798, making this blanket a true classic.

2. Nelson Ball Lotus Table Lamp

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Warm, diffused light and intriguing materiality make the Nelson Ball Lotus Lamp perfect for the nightstand. Herman Miller’s design director George Nelson designed the first Bubble Lamp in 1952, inspired by a silky Swedish pendant lamp and the mothballed Liberty ships, covered in netting and sprayed with self-webbing plastic. The modern Bubble lamp is made of a steel wire skeleton coated in smooth plastic polymer.

3. Eames Hang-It-All


eames hang it all

The bright, fun hook rack of Eames Hang-It-All is reimagined by Rolf and Mette Hay in cast-glass balls for the Herman Miller x HAY collaboration. Extending Charles and Ray Eames’ playful design to today, the refreshed Hang-It-All is made with the original 1953 welding technique but in two new colorways suited for the modern bedroom.

4. Iitala Alvar Aalto Vase

alvar aato vase

Inspired by the lakes of his native Finland, designer Alvar Aalto’s 1936 vases are modeled after waves—aalto in Finnish. The vase is mouth-blown at the Iittala factory and is one of the company’s most iconic designs for the bedroom, living room, or wherever your recipient may want a taste of organic Scandinavian design.

5. Don’t Leave Me Coffee Table

don't leave me table
The Don’t Leave Me, or DLM Coffee Table makes a perfect nightstand as well. Its light frame is complete with a handle for easy portability. Though this modern design by Thomas Bentzen is not quite an icon on its own (yet), the table is a consumer-friendly interpretation of the stork-like Cicognino table by Franco Albini (1958).

6. Sacco

Iconic Designs for the Bedroom 02
That’s right—the original bean bag chair. Designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro, the chair was presented to Zanotta as an anti-conformist armchair that molds to a person rather than vice-versa. The vinyl sack filled two-thirds of the way with pellets of polystyrene won the Compasso d’Oro ADI two years later in 1970 and inspired all kinds of filled sacks for sitting upon.

7. Brooks Brothers Fun Stripe PJs

iconic bathroom accessories 02

After a steaming bath, a quick swipe of Rosebud salve, and blowing out the Trudon candle, it’s time to cozy up in Brooks Brothers’ Oxford Cotton Pajamas. The Fun stripe of the PJs is an American classic: The Fun shirt came about in the 1970s when a Brooks Brothers executive spotted the tailors stitching together leftover scraps in colorful mismatched masterpieces. He liked them, and soon so did the American public—making the Fun shirts an instant and lasting hit.