Handmade design objects offer a glimpse into how each is made: the cultural traditions and makers that breathe life into every detail. Exploring the enhanced style and personality of the designs reveals the textures and roughness that provide character and make us pause to consider what makes something beautiful.

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February 1, 2024

Caramulo Lamp, Made in Situ

Moro, James Cherry for Matter, $2,200

Small Sun Coral Vessel, Sarah Roseman for Tableau CPH

Patchwork Cabinet, Lewis Kemmenoe

Sion Gloves, Loro Piana, $1,200

Burnt Rust Flag Sconce, Ben Mazey for C. Gallery, $2,035

Lacuna Lamp, Studio Furthermore

Tapestry Chair, Alexis & Ginger

Long Standing Bowl, Lucky One and FS objects, Luke Chiswell for Basic.Space, $800

Looking At Me, Looking At You large wall mirror 1.0, Jordan Fleming for Modern Times, $2,428

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