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Welcome to the end of the road. THE END BLACK from Gufram laughs in the face of endings as the most recent edition of the ironic epitaph created in 2014 by Italian artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

THE END was designed to establish the “end” of the Gufram brand while marking a new beginning. The new version is a Limited Edition (only 500 exist) version in “real-fake” black Marquina marble with gold writing for a noir and irreverent look that adds a touch of luxury, considering it’s really just a tombstone that can also be used as a seat. How ironic.

The updated 2019 design comes to us from TOILETPAPER, the eclectic biannual art magazine created by Maurizio and Pierpaolo and founded in 2010.

Patented Paint

The “real-fake” marble finish is made with Guflac, a special Gufram-patented paint that allows the polyurethane to look like leather while maintaining its elasticity and softness.


Soft Hard Truth

The headstone’s funereal aspect is juxtaposed with polyurethane’s softness and lightness, so go ahead; take a seat. Finished and decorated with Guflac®.


Carved Foam

THE END is shaped just as stone, thanks to artisans’ work sculpting and roughing out the single elements in the polyurethane foam.


A version of this article originally appeared in Sixtysix Issue 05 with the headline “The End Black.” Subscribe today.