This Danish Brand’s Vision for Creativity Involves Local Produce

Frama uses fresh vegetables to spark mindfulness and creative collaboration at Il Mercato.

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June 16, 2023

Inside Frama’s Studio Store in the historic St. Paul’s Apotek, a large table holds mushrooms, fresh eggs, and heavy rounds of cheese. Boxes below heap with onions and potatoes. On the shelves lining the walls, vegetables pickle in big jars.

Although I first encountered Frama because of its furniture, the multi-disciplinary design brand does much more: from lifestyle objects to scents and soaps to full-on sensory experiences like this vegetable-filled exhibition, Il Mercato—a special display for 3daysofdesign.

The produce is impermanent in the space, but it symbolizes Frama’s ongoing interest in food as a catalyst for creativity, locality, and mindfulness. Frama’s Founder and CEO Niels Strøyer Christophersen explains that Il Mercato is inspired by food as a way to start dialogue across communities, encouraging people to gather and ask questions about creativity, practicality, and each of our roles in a larger ecosystem.

Frama’s new products, including extensions of its Single shelf collection in white and the Eiffel Floor Lamp, are on display. But in Il Mercato, we get a real look at Frama as a multifaceted brand influencing taste and style with a warm authenticity.

The space contains some of Frama’s furniture, lifestyle accessories, scents, and skincare. The adjacent apotek 57 eatery by chef Chiara Barla offers seasonal dishes during the exhibition and throughout the year.

The space, designed with apotek 57 and the Copenhagen-based farmers market GRØNT MARKED, intends to rouse the senses and encourage conversation. Whether or not you are able to sit down at a Frama table in the apotek for an open-faced smørrebrød, Frama and its partners encourage thoughtful consideration of the origins of our food and the creative conversations we can have around it.

As Il Mercato wraps up, Frama continues to offer thoughts and resources, including a guide to farmers’ markets around the world, around the world of food. The Studio Store will transition to the next big event, gathering, or installation in its full calendar.