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adorama flashpoint

The Flashpoint XPLOR Power 1200 Pro R2 TTL Flash and Pack Kit includes power pack, battery and charger, extension head, and a customized roller case. Photo courtesy of Adorama


September 3, 2021

Technology that makes it easy to focus on the art. That’s the guiding mission behind Flashpoint, the Adorama exclusive lighting brand, according to Solomon Leifer, senior brand manager at Flashpoint.

Founded in New York City in 1991, Flashpoint’s first release was its Monolights series of AC-powered strobes. From there the brand expanded to offer industry game-changing battery-powered monolights and Flashpoint StreakLights. Today they offer a full lineup of lighting and studio gear—including strobes, on-camera flashes, and accessories.

adorama flashpoint

“Our focus has always been on creating durable, dependable products that give image creators the freedom to follow their inspiration,” Solomon says. “This includes equipping them with gear made for different shooting styles and needs.”

Solomon says the new Flashpoint XPLOR Power 1200 Pro R2 TTL Flash and Pack Kit is great for studio photographers, fashion photographers, and event photographers alike—essentially anyone shooting in big venues or looking to freeze action.

“With the introduction of the XPLOR 1200, we made available our most powerful and flexible solution yet. It has a full one stop more power than our XPLOR 600 Pro, is your partner for action-stopping flash and is our first light purposefully designed for both AC and DC power options.”

It’s the second-most powerful light in the Flashpoint XPLOR series, which consists of lights with power ranging from a portable 100Ws to a powerful 2400 Ws; all work on the R2 trigger system. The R2 system allows you to have one trigger to control any Flashpoint XPLOR series light, so you can easily adapt your setup and use your lights across camera bodies.

A Flashpoint R1200 ring flash head is available for the XPLOR 1200, so you can also produce virtually shadow-free lighting. It’s great for fashion and beauty shots.


The XPLOR 1200 offers the studio photographer full flexibility for their setup.

The 12-foot cord with no line loss allows you to place the head at any height, with the power pack doubling as a weight on your stand.

It has a minimum power setting of 1/256, high speed sync that works with shutter speeds up to 1/8000 second, and its impressive short flash duration, down to 1/10860, is great for freezing action.

adorama flashpoint

The 40 LED Watt modeling light with three selectable modes will deliver up to four hours of full LED power.

The 9-by-5 inch diameter flash head weighs a little more than four pounds and comes with Bowens mount for use with popular modifiers.

More Control

The R2 system’s cutting-edge wireless technology gives photographer’s real control. “Run TTL, Manual, HSS, and TCM to lock in your TTL values. Enjoy group independence, channel selection with 2.4GHz digital clarity, and unbeatable dependable range.”

adorama flashpoint

Quick Charge

The power pack charges in as little as two hours and provides up to 5,000 flashes at full power, with a two-second recycling time.

The XPLOR 1200 runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and comes with two choices of batteries (36V, 2600mAh or 36V, 5200mAh). The batteries can be removed from the pack to allow for easy mobility. An AC adapter is also available separately.

With a plug-in head that can be both AC and DC driven, the pack offers the opportunity for both in-studio work and overpowering the sun outside.


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Photos courtesy of Adorama
Words by Laura Rote
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