Inner Energy

Inherently, energy and color are tightly intertwined. “That’s the magic of colors: They are intelligent and stimulating, solely capable of setting the tone,” says Marion Bouvet, color specialist and chief of visual identity and merchandising for French outdoor living brand Fermob.

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June 7, 2023

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The thought aligns with the famed Bauhaus artist Josef Albers’ idea of color’s absolute relativity. He theorized that there are countless ways to experience and express color combinations and that our individual perceptions of color make our experience with our surroundings more personal and enriching.

In Fermob’s outdoor living solutions, a thoughtful color palette reveals a truer side to the design—a glimpse into what Josef called “inner energy.” Studio Sixtysix explores how color can reveal the essential character of a product and empower it to create personal, rejuvenating living spaces.

← The natural color of the garden, Cactus encapsulates what it is to be outdoors, reeling in its undertones of the wilderness and amplifying its restorative freshness.

Pictured in Cactus: Salsa Side Table, CUUB Tealight Holder (Cactus), Bellevie Low Armchair, Color Mix Fouta Towel, Balad Lamp H15,” Balad Offset Stand

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“Color has the power to allow our products to tell stories … to empower a space, to highlight the design of the product,” Marion says. “Because of this the same piece of furniture can be transformed, taking a new appearance with different shades of the color chart.”

Yellow is the iconic accent color—perfect for accessories to infuse optimism one detail at a time. On its own yellow brings undeniable joy, saturating the very air with its vibrance. “Honey is the pop of color, the touch of joie de vivre that we use to spice up our exterior and even interior spaces,” Marion says.

Pictured in Honey: Cocotte Side Table, Aplô Lamp, Aplô Wall Bracket, Luxembourg Low Armchair

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← This blue-green Acapulco Blue carries thousands of undertones, taking on a new life in different lights,” Marion says. Fermob’s 22-color catalog sees new introductions each year to reflect current trends. “With the same color chart, by adding a single new shade, we can always tell new stories. Color has unsuspected powers, capable of carrying a whole atmosphere on its own.

Pictured in Acapulco Blue: Surprising Rocking Chair, Aplô Lamp, Aplô Suspension Strap, Itac Cylindrical Vase, Itac Rectangular Vase

A version of this article originally appeared in Sixtysix Issue 10 with the headline “Inner Energy.” Subscribe today.