Morning Gold

Sun seeps in through the curtains. Stretch, yawn, rise.
It’s time for coffee.

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October 5, 2022

The everyday indulgence of making a cup of joe feels even more special with Fellow Products. Every step of the pour-over process becomes an indelible part of the morning ritual, each a glimmering moment between pre-caffeine anticipation and post-caffeine inspiration. “There’s something rewarding about the process of making a cup of coffee for yourself,” says Jake Miller, Fellow’s founder and CEO. “You grind the coffee fresh, you smell the aromas of the coffee, and then you really get to create.”


← When it comes to feeling peace in the early hours of the day, physical sensations play a surprising role. Real wood handles, metallic touches, and soft matte surfaces bring an extra layer of comfort.

← Just like the perfect cup of coffee tastes like magic, little moments in the brewing process have a touch of wizardry. Magnets make the Ode grind catcher jump into place, and an automatic sensor shuts it off the moment the last bean passes through.

“If someone puts our product into the cupboard instead of displaying it on the countertop, I think we’ve failed as designers,” Jake says. Yet Fellow is as at home competing in the World Brewers Cup as it is in Kim Kardashian’s kitchen.

← It’s 8am—time to hit top gear. Every minute is precious. With the Stagg EKG Pro, you can easily schedule the kettle to turn on in the morning, so your water is ready with the reliability of an alarm clock.

“There’s a story behind every cup of coffee you brew,” Jake says. His love affair with great coffee began long before the first Stagg kettle was born and extends through Fellow Drops—a weekly coffee curation by a tasting panel.

“It’s all about providing people with this moment to create, when they can use these beautifully functional products,” Jake says. “It’s creation, which you can’t get from an espresso pod.”


A version of this article originally appeared in Sixtysix Issue 09 with the headline “Morning Gold.” Subscribe today.