The Future of the Smart Kitchen is Plant-Based

The GRO concept kitchen from Electrolux.


June 16, 2022

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We should all eat more vegetables.

“The way we eat today is not sustainable,” says Tove Chevalley, head of Electrolux Innovation Hub.

For the last three years Tove has been working on GRO, a kitchen based on data and behavioral science with the aim of helping users in the future eat healthier and more sustainably.

Tove and her team turned to scientists like Brent Loken, the global food lead scientist at WWF, for inspiration. “The way we currently produce food to feed the planet is tragically at the expense of the planet itself. Research shows one important action we can take to change this is to dramatically reduce consumption of animal source foods in places where they are currently over-consumed,” he says.

electrolux gro

So Tove set out to create an entire smart kitchen concept that would encourage users to make at least half of their diet come from plants.

“We have rethought everything from the start—aiming to help change behaviors by making planet-friendly eating effortless and enjoyable through groundbreaking design.”

As we walk through the concept kitchen at Salone del Mobile Tove points out ways that kitchen encourages plant eating, from special smokers to add new flavors to veggies to AI-powered displays that “nudge people to eat less but better meat and explore new and diverse sources of protein.”

electrolux gro

As an innovation officer Tove is tasked with leveraging the massive power of Electrolux’s 250 designers and 15,000 engineers worldwide into making a more sustainable future reality. “It’s critical we move sustainability into the future of all of our products designs,” she says.

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