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Four beautifully designed books capture different moments in design and creativity to inspire and inform.

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July 24, 2023

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ORLAN, Whites virgins with plastic bubbles clouds (1983). Courtesy of Orlan Studio, color photograph, 63 x 47 1/4 in. (160 x 120 cm)/Phaidon

Internet_Art: From the Birth of the Web to the Rise of NFTs by Omar Kholeif



Omar Kholeif recounts the impact of the World Wide Web on the art world since 1989. He explores how this technological advancement has opened up new possibilities for artists in analog or digital mediums. $39.95

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Soft Minimal, Gestalten 2022. Courtesy of Norm Architects

Soft Minimal: A Sensory Approach to Architecture & Design by Norm Architects



Norm Architects’ beautiful monograph displays their mastery of creating purpose and well-being through restraint and simplicity. $90

"Underwater III," Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico (2020). Photo by Pia Riverola

Flechazo by Pia Riverola

Homecoming Gallery


The artist’s first monograph, “Flechazo” or “Love at First Sight” is a visual love letter comprised of 103 stunning photographs that document her 10-year experience living in various parts of Mexico. €69

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George Chakhava. Ministry of Highway Construction, Tblisi, Georgia, 1974. Courtesy of Phaidon

The Brutalists: Brutalism’s Best Architects by Owen Hopkins



This hardcover features over 200 Brutalist buildings dating back to 1936, presenting the style’s powerful visual impact. Love it or hate it, the style can’t be ignored. $69.96


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