Inspired by the Eames, These Strollers Are Setting a New Standard

cybex stroller priam

The CYBEX Priam Stroller. Photos courtesy of CYBEX


March 20, 2023

CYBEX doesn’t do anything by halves. This German brand offers chic, luxuriously designed, state-of-the-art car seats, baby carriers, kids’ furniture, and strollers to discerning parents across the globe. They occupy a new and growing space in the world of product design—one marrying aesthetics, practicality, and a high-tech lifestyle.

Perhaps nothing captures CYBEX’s hyper-focus on design-forward products better than their Priam and Mios strollers, members of the platinum, full-size stroller line proudly pushed by celebrities and influencers like Rihanna, Diddy, DJ Khaled, Aimee Song, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Mariano Vivanco, and Susie Lau (just to name a few).

It’s hard to imagine baby gear being artfully crafted. Safe, ergonomic, convenient, wipeable—sure—but trendsetting? Inspired by the timeless (and vogue) midcentury modern look, Martin Pos, CYBEX founder and CEO and executive director of Goodbaby International Holdings Ltd., set out to transform that thinking. He and the CYBEX team started with the perennial work of two design giants—Charles and Ray Eames—as their main influence. Combined with intimate knowledge of the needs of parents today, the trends in baby gear, and a flair for luxury, Martin and his team created a product that appears just as comfortable in a SoHo gallery as it does on city streets.

Speaking to a largely millennial parent audience, CYBEX Priam and Mios strollers allow for intense customization and personalization. Starting with the frame, each stroller can be tailored to a family’s needs, style, and the age of their child. Building out your perfect Priam, for example, starts with the New Generation Priam frame, available in colors like rose gold. From there, you’re able to choose from the Luxury Carry Cot (sized for infant to six months), the Cloud Q infant car seat (a smart travel system that integrates safety technology into the chest clip of the harness and sends an alert to a caregiver’s smartphone when unsafe situations arise), or the Priam Seat Pack, recommended for babies who can sit upright, which offers even more style customization (and the ability to switch colors or patterns as your latest look requires).

The e-Priam, another set of options, offers a fully smart product that can even adapt to different terrain, offering more or less “driver” assistance, and help keep babies (and parents) calm with a rocking function. Stylish parents can take their look one step further by choosing a version of either stroller sporting gold wings, the result of a collaboration between Jeremy Scott and CYBEX.

To get to the heart of how this intensely crafted product came to market, we asked Martin to take a deep dive into his artistic process and how he managed to create baby strollers that make parents drool.

cybex stroller 04

Take me behind the scenes. How did the CYBEX stroller, Priam/Mios, come to be—from vision to final product?

My philosophy has always been to look at things that do not exist and ask why not? Impossible is not an option in my mind, and the only solution we have is to think outside of the box. This has always been an integral part of our DNA and is instinctively how we approach everything we do. So, when I began thinking about how we could create the best stroller in world, combining also my own experience as a father and what the market had to offer, one of the key elements in my vision was to create a product without compromises. This meant combining the widest range of features and functionalities, while still catering to parents who prioritize design and wish to incorporate their family items into the overall aesthetic of their lifestyle. And when contemplating design, there was one name which represented my vision more than any other: Eames.cybex stroller 03

How specifically did the Eames’ work influence these products? 

Ray and Charles Eames created modern design classics by combining functionality and charm through the motto: “The details are not the details. They make the design.” In this respect, the Priam and the Mios represent an homage to Ray and Charles Eames, as a tribute to the innovative power of their life’s work. Our aim when beginning the development of the two models was to translate the aesthetic and functional standards into a modern stroller, which could provide lifechanging quality and value to the CYBEX family. This led [for Priam, specifically] to the creation of an extremely robust and versatile stroller—yet still possessing a form that is incomparably light and timeless.Cybex priam platinum

Why the Eames? What about their mid-century modern aesthetic appeals to today’s parents? 

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for any design, and this is what makes the difference with our products. It is perhaps no coincidence that two Americans enhanced classic modern architecture and design in two significant ways by infusing it with judgement and with humor. In contrast, at that time, European-led Bauhaus design was closely linked with ideology and more followed the principle of “form follows religion.” But Ray and Charles Eames worked according to a different principle: they took the world as it is—and improved it, changing people’s understanding of what was attractive and useful. They worked on how to create new functionalities, characteristics, and qualities out of simple materials. And we follow this same rule at CYBEX. We took inspiration from their aesthetics and key message by transforming them into our guiding principle, true to all our CYBEX products—but even more so with the Priam, a product that combines unique design with unsurpassed safety and intelligent functionality, all themes which remain relevant for today’s parents. Especially for CYBEX, and for parents all over the world, design is only part of the equation—innovation and functionality remain the core. cybex priam 02

What makes the Priam in particular a stroller that is at once high-fashion, high-tech, and timeless? How does it set a new standard?

The Priam has revolutionized the industry by combining timeless design elements with new features that make life for parents even easier, matching their highest expectations. From an innovation and technology point of view, we can see how this applies in the: 4-in-1 travel system, the all-wheel suspension, the extendable XXL-sun canopy (which provides UPF50+ sun protection), the comfortable one-hand fold, complete recline functions, and one-pull harness.

In addition, this is only the standard with Priam. If we speak about our e-Priam, this a state-of-the-art innovation that makes life even more enjoyable and effortless. It is the only smart product [of its kind] on the market, complete with its own CYBEX App, with motorized functions that take luxury a step further. Among the features available, parents can enjoy an uphill/downhill support through sensors built into the handlebars which detect when the pushing or pulling pressure on the handlebars increase. It also offers support on all types of uneven surfaces—such as cobblestones, sand, muddy fields, snow, or gravel. And, last but not least, parents can enjoy a special rocking function that ensures the child’s complete relaxation.

These products represent a design icon, setting the bar on a different level in terms of what the luxury standard is for a stroller, while also becoming our most flexible and comfortable travel companion—where all details are thought through to perfection.