What’s on Your Desk? 5 Creatives Draw Their Work Setups

Leta Sobierajski Desk Drawing

Illustration by Leta Sobierajsk, graphic designer and art director at Wade and Leta. New York, NY


May 3, 2021

The abstract building, the innovative product—every design starts with an idea often at the desk. Sixtysix asked some of the top creatives in the industry to illustrate what they keep on their desk to inspire or just get shit done.

ben porto desk drawing

Illustration by Ben Porto, founder of Porto Architecture. Brooklyn, NY


Shantell Martin desk

Illustration by Shantell Martin, visual artist. New York, NY


marloes haarmans desk drawing

Illustration by Marloes Haarmans, photographer and art director. Madrid, Spain


david milan desk drawing

Illustration by David Milan, lettering artist and illustrator. Madrid, Spain


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