Vipp Crafts a Designer’s Dream Retreat in the Pyrenees

casa vipp hotel andorra bedroom 03

Photos by Irina Boersma. Casa Vipp - Andorra is a project by Vipp, promoted by RAW Dwelling. Sandra Riera is behind the guesthouse's interior design, while Julie Cloos Mølsgaard took on its styling.


May 15, 2023

Deep in the Pyrenees Mountains, Danish furniture makers-turned-hospitality group, Vipp, has revealed its latest guesthouse. Casa Vipp, located in old town Andorra la Vella, transforms a historic borda—a traditional stone barn that would have been used for storing grain or cattle—into a first-class destination for travelers with an eye for design.

Instead of opening multi-unit hotels, each Vipp guesthouse is one highly curated space that features the best of their furniture, lighting, decor, and textiles. The guesthouse is the brand’s first lodging outside of Scandinavia and offers a luxurious retreat for those flocking to the Pyrenees to experience Andorra’s culinary scene, winter sports, and rich Catalonian culture.

Casa Vipp maintains the borda’s historic exterior, but completely reinvents the inside to offer a respite in the countryside. After climbing the cobblestone steps, visitors will see how Vipp has turned the functional barn into a warm, two-story, loft style home with exposed beams, porthole windows and modern furnishings.

One thing that makes Vipp guesthouses unique is that it mixes the hotel with the showroom. If you find yourself loving the fixtures in Casa Vipp, you can purchase them and bring them home. The sleek, stainless steel appliances, brass fixtures, marble countertops, and wood accents represent a full range of what Vipp has to offer. In the living room, the Vipp655—a large, tufted pouf in the living room—and the Vipp 425 gray marble coffee table that looks like a lunar surface are especially compelling.

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The spacious kitchen features the Vipp V1 system, which comes in four modules. Casa Vipp highlights its wall and island modules. Aesthetically, the stainless steel cabinetry and appliances, which blend seamlessly together, lack ornamentation so that the kitchen never goes out of style. Instead, Vipp prioritizes engineering so people can focus on cooking and entertaining. Of course, tucked in the corner is a sleek Vipp waste bin, which launched the brand in 1939.

casa vipp hotel andorra kitchen 02

A custom-built staircase leads to a cozy bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a full bathroom that beckons weary guests. A narrow table equipped with the Vipp521, a desk lamp with a perforated shade that diffuses light, carves out a chic workspace for those who can’t fully unplug on their retreat. After sending off those emails, walk just a few feet to the rustic, cast-iron bathtub that is a callback to the borda’s agrarian roots.

Even the blankets, plates and soap dispensers represent some of the items in Vipp’s thoughtful collection. Other personal touches include terracotta pottery and handwoven wall decor. These are the few items Vipp does not sell, but still help one envision how to style a Vipp home. With a complimentary robe and a fresh cup of coffee, peer through the portholes and take in the rolling valleys and endless skies framed by mountain peaks, and remember that you can always take home a piece of this dreamy dwelling.

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