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The Vettis™ Concrete faucet by Brizo® is not what you might expect. The material—ultra high-performance concrete—is a surprising choice to begin with, and the limited edition release makes each model all the more remarkable. Just 500 of the boundary-pushing faucets exist, and no two are exactly alike. “Each piece has its own story,” explains T.J. Eads, lead industrial designer. He and the rest of the Brizo team spent four years developing the sophisticated engineering behind the faucet, working with expert sculptor Christopher Shannon to complete the meticulous handcrafting process. This small-batch production and individual attention gives each faucet a distinct texture, color, and style.

T.J. has worked on countless special and even challenging projects in the past, but he says nothing compares to creating Vettis Concrete. The faucet takes the Vettis bath collection—with its solid, geometric forms that capture the sensory experience of cascading water—to another level. A natural aesthetic combined with strength and a lavish feel is unlike anything else on the market. “Concrete is such a utilitarian material, and yet it’s so necessary and beautiful in its own right if you take the time to look at it and feel it.” As each of the 500 faucets is handmade, each is truly unique—all the way down to color and serialization. A limited number of faucets are available by reservation only here.

This article originally appeared in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Sixtysix with the headline “Vettis™ Concrete.” Subscribe today.


Produced by Studio Sixtysix
Words by Laura Rote
Photos by Nils Ericson and courtesy of Brizo

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