The Best of KBIS 2020

Photo courtesy of KBIS


January 27, 2020

We covered a lot—and I mean a lot—of ground at this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. Beyond all of the glitz and glimmer the city has to offer we found even more fine, shiny things inside the Las Vegas Convention Center. The industry’s latest designs and technologies in kitchen and bathroom were shown off to more than 30,000 people this year, with 600 exhibitors displaying everything from luxury bidets to a shower mirror that simply won’t fog up, even if you’ve been standing under the hot water for an hour. Here are some of our favorite innovative products from this year’s show with some of the most interesting design features we’ve seen in a while:

Photo courtesy of KBIS

Brizo’s Kintsu Bath Collection

The luxury faucet and showerhead brand is poised to take over your bathroom with the new Kintsu Collection, which combines Scandinavian minimalism with the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy of imperfect geometrics. Though the collection is full of effortlessly soft contours, there is a clear championing design feature: the underlying duality of light and dark, most obvious in highly reflective, black materials. That, and the availability for customization. You can include your own inlays for sink faucets or pick from existing inlays of concrete, teak, or pearl. The collection won KBIS’s Best of Show.

Photo courtesy of KBIS

Miele’s G 7000 Dishwasher

Miele’s smart dishwasher is just that. This brilliant appliance decides on its own how much soap to use, depending on the selected program and dirtiness of your dishes. You can interact with the device via touch display or through an app where you can start, stop, and see the status of your soiled forks and knives remotely. Running low on soap? Order detergent through the app so that every dish has the chance to be spotless. The dishwasher’s flexible baskets have movable sections that give you more space than ever—whether you’re cleaning a giant dinner platter or a teacup. The dishwasher won KBIS’s Kitchen Silver award.

Photo courtesy of KBIS

Drains Unlimited’s Wall Recessed Linear Floor Drain

Who wants a drain in the middle of the shower floor? Upgrade your slope shower with a recessed drain so sleek you’ll wonder where all the water’s disappearing to. This one can be added to any single pane installation and is almost invisible once it’s in your shower floor. Drains come in several stainless steel styles—from a honeycomb pattern to fun, patterned lines—and can be customized to your shower size and finish. The drain grate is even removable to make cleaning and maintenance even easier. The floor drain won KBIS’s Bath Silver award.

Photo courtesy of KBIS

Plum by Plum

Too many wine bottles to keep track of? Plum has created an appliance that automatically preserves and dispenses single-serving glasses of wine to make your at-home happy hour even easier. The small box chills two on-tap bottles at once and can open any cork or screw top. When you’re finished with a bottle, a motorized needle closes it and injects argon gas to preserve the wine inside. Two cooling chambers allow you to regulate on-tap temperature because we all know no two bottles are the same, and they deserve to be treated as such. A touch screen allows you to look at the bottles inside the application and controls pour size. The screen can also identify the bottles’ grape variety, region, and the winery that it came from. Plum by Plum won KBIS’s Kitchen Gold award.

Photo courtesy of Geoluxe


Geoluxe’s new white marble design is full of delicately placed gray veins that equally look like a flowing river and a mountain range horizon. Safe to say, this reinterpretation of classic Italian marble is made for the outdoors, transcending interior design. Like most of Geoluxe’s marble, their new design withstands both UV light and heat. The through-body veining means no mitering and creates a seamless countertop for relaxing and entertaining in any season. Now, get straight to hosting.

Photo courtesy of John Michael Kitchens

John Michael Kitchens’ Luxe Collection

Your kitchen will never look more elegant than it will with John Michael Kitchens’ new Luxe Collection. It’s full of hand-crafted cabinet designs made from walnut, stainless steel, or both (because why should you have to choose just one material?). You also have a choice between three cabinet styles that cater to everyone, from those who prefer clean lines to those with an affinity for thicker, modern ones. These cabinets are sure to reflect your taste, no matter your decision or what you’re cooking in the kitchen.