Elements of Style

Walls are, at their simplest, a barrier between inside and outside, a tangible obstacle between the built environment and nature. In Elements of Style, Studio Sixtysix and Astek break down that barrier to offer a point of union instead.

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October 27, 2022

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Astek specializes in commercial wall coverings, where the desire for art and beauty tends to be still harder to satisfy. “We hope anyone viewing our wall coverings would notice the artistry, quality, and evoke an emotional reaction,” Sarah says.

Astratta Miami, Ocean Drive in Emerald Accent

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Inspiration comes from all throughout the world’s many geographies and cultures. “We find ourselves gravitating toward the natural world, approaching familiar subjects from an alternate perspective, and exploring multicultural craft techniques,” Sarah says.

Ukiyo, Sendai in Insight

Astek’s wall coverings simultaneously evoke the beauty of nature and of the manmade as they employ advanced digital printing to be completely customizable. “This new era of wall covering is multifunctional, solving many aesthetic and functional needs simultaneously in one piece of decor,” Sarah says.

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“The Apperception collection is near and dear to my heart as it showcases original photography by my father, Steve LaVoie,” Sarah says. “I am always amazed at the painterly quality he achieves by finding beauty in unexpected and forgotten places.”

Apperception, Exposure 8

Designer Elisa Passino brought the handmade touch of her silkscreened, geometric tiles to Astek’s Astratta Miami collection. “We ended up incorporating risograph printing into the development process for an intriguing and unexpected mix of riso texture with precise geometry,” Sarah says.

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The Ukiyo collection captures the movement of floating ink on water. “We utilized the Japanese technique of Suminagashi to create these gentle, rippling currents,” Sarah says. A subtle sheen adds to the depth and illumination of the floating ink method.

Ukiyo, Tokyo in Wisdom



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