Bringing Elegant Contrast from the Runway to the Home

Ann Demeulemeester designed her first furniture collection with Serax with the same elegance and precision of her fashion designs.


Elois High Tables. Courtesy of Serax


September 23, 2022

The crisp and clean lines of fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester are no stranger to Belgian manufacturer Serax—they have worked together on tableware and accessories since 2019. But Serax’s 2022 furniture collection from Ann and her partner and artistic collaborator, Patrick Robyn, is brand new.

“I make something because I miss it, I want it, and I can’t find it,” Ann says. The pieces in the collection are driven by Ann and Patrick’s own needs and preferences, translated into pieces that others would find a beautiful addition to their lives.

Known for playing with juxtaposition—light and dark, strong and fragile, precious and functional—the furniture stays true to the same creative essence behind Ann’s clothing and tableware. The pieces maintain a tailored and refined look through sharp edges and geometry, creating moments of contrast through exact and slender profiles. Linen, wool, velvet, and canvas join the collections daybeds, ottomans, sofas, and chairs, making the collection as texturally interesting as it is visual.

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