The Masculine and Feminine Meet in the Androgyne Collection

Androgyne Lounge Table Menu 01

Courtesy of MENU


November 7, 2022

MENU’s Androgyne collection blends masculine and feminine in a simple form amplified by its natural materials. Designed by Copenhagen-based Norwegian architect and designer Danielle Siggerud, the table is textured and dimensional. Oak and stone meet in a striking silhouette, similar to a monument in the grandeur of its first impression, but shrunk to the scale of the home.

“The piece lets you create personal spaces suited to the context, place and function it will become a part of,” Danielle says of the Androgyne table collection. Her background in restoring historic buildings gives her the very relevant and on-trend ability to modernize ancient architectural forms. This shines through in Androgyne’s clean and sculptural silhouette as Danielle uses the essence of stone to tell a story that is both ancient and contemporary.

“The Androgyne Collection has always been about honoring perfectly executed joinery and celebrating natural materials… I envisage the table in a home space, as a natural gathering point,” Danielle says.

The Androgyne table is easily imagined as the center of various gatherings, in many spaces. It is available as lounge, side, rectangular dining, or circular dining tables, each anchored by the elegant, warm wooden base. The base comes in natural or dark stained oak, and is paired with a tabletop of corresponding wood or kunis breccia, a blend of stones in warm tones.

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