An Argentinean Designer Makes a Home for Herself in Milan

Glassware by designer Agustina Bottoni


October 7, 2022

After completing her bachelor’s degree in fashion design in Buenos Aires, Agustina Bottoni moved to Milan to pursue a graduate degree in design. She quickly learned Italian, (“it’s not that different than Spanish,” she tells me) and then earned a master’s degree from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.

A year later she decided to start her own studio, “it was a huge risk and such a big decision. There just weren’t many other opportunities out there, so I felt like it was my responsibility to make a space for myself. I had some savings and took on freelance jobs to support myself at first. To be honest, it was tough. As a foreigner [in Italy] I didn’t have a family support and it was hard to understand how things work here in Italy; the tax law is complicated, and I had to do a lot of research. But it’s a great place to be a designer. There’s always something happening here and there’s a long standing culture of craftsmanship.”

Agustina continued to build opportunities for herself through her inventive and refined designs. After a very positive response to a prototyped glassware collection named Calici Milanesi—a martini glass, champagne coupe, and wine glass inspired by the famous Villa Necchi—she began building a network of local artisans that could produce the work by hand for her. “I work mainly with smaller artists and workshops, they’re all made individually by hand. There is a weight of tradition here, sometimes people are used to doing things only in one way. But for me, I look at everything as a South American person, I can navigate the traditions on my own and have my own perspective.”

The Calici Milanesi by Agustina Bottoni

The Calici Milanesi by Agustina Bottoni

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