Patch is a microgrid. Through interconnected furniture acting as mini power stations, solar energy is distributed in the house, powering motion, light, and sound. Between function and fiction, Patch celebrates the beauty of the circuitry, suggesting a humane and inviting vision of technology,” says Brooklyn-based design firm UM Project.

Founded in 1994 by François Chambard, UM Project (which stands for user and maker) creates unusual furniture and products. Patch is a collection of interconnected furniture. It includes a mirror, curtain, and cabinet with built-in charging stations, sound, and lighting. The pieces connect to an outdoor bench and solar panel. Eight hours of sunlight can charge the system for a full day.

Photo: Francis Dzikowski/Otto/UM Project

The concept is on display at Salone del Mobile as part of Milan Design Week 2018.  For more info visit:

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