8 Well-Designed Trip Essentials to Take on Your Next Adventure


May 19, 2020

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1. YETI Tundra 45

YETI started in 2006, when brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders were frustrated by subpar coolers. They set out to design one that was durable enough for anglers to stand on and cast from and that could hold ice for hours. The Tundra line of coolers, with new spring colors in 2020, launched in 2008. “YETI’s Tundra hard coolers are created with a rotomolding process that creates a virtually indestructible cooler that’s stable enough to stand on and more than tough enough to take a tumble and handle any adventure that comes your way,” says Alex Baires, senior category manager of coolers for YETI. The design team chose the coral colorway, above, for one of its new spring colors, inspired by Seychelles sunsets.

Buy it: Coral Yeti Tundra 45, $299


jabra elite 85h headphones sixtysix magazine

Photo by Chris Force, styling by Kristina Walton Zapata

2. Jabra Elite 85h

“I fell in love with the aesthetics of the Jabra elite 85h,” says Jabra’s Karl Bateson. “It’s unlike virtually everything else on the market in that it has an appealing cloth layering, which adds a sophistication and style not seen by other brands. The Elite 85h is a comfortable lightweight audio solution that’s engineered to withstand the elements. Due to the water and dust protection warranty, you can enjoy them anywhere, regardless of what the day throws at you.” These new headphones are smart and slick. Remove them, and your music automatically pauses.

Buy it: Navy Jabra Elite 85h, $200


garrett leight sunglasses sixtysix magazine

Photo by Chris Force, styling by Kristina Walton Zapata

3. Mr. Leight Ridley S and Garrett Leight Van Buren Combo Frames

“I loved the idea of combining handsome form and function and wanted to create a design that was easy to carry with you anywhere,” says Garrett Leight, founder of Garrett Leight California Optical. “We designed Van Buren Combo to bend at the bridge and temples, so it literally folds into a pocket size. The sleek, single bridge aviator is the perfect juxtaposition of modern and vintage, and it’s one of the most recognizable frames in the collection.” As for Ridley S, it comes from Mr. Leight, a brand Garrett started in collaboration with his father, Larry Leight. “The Ridley S is a striking combination frame featuring an intricate filigree pattern and titanium details,” Garrett says.

Buy it: Mr. Leight Ridley S, $665 and Garrett Leight Van Buren Combo, $495


kinto day off tumbler sixtysix magazine

Photo by Chris Force, styling by Kristina Walton Zapata

4. KINTO Day Off Tumbler

KINTO wanted to make something you use every day—as often as you go to the bathroom or think “I’m hungry”—that’s functional and beautiful. The result? The Day Off Tumbler. Inspired by Japanese tradition in design and beach resorts in color, you can take these cheerful drink holders anywhere you go. “We wanted to bring people the comfortable and refreshing feel of taking a stroll along the shore with a nice cool drink,” says Laura Takemoto, head of communications at KINTO. “Moments that we find precious are slowing down and seeing the beauty of nature outside.” The Day Off Tumbler’s vacuum insulation preserves your drink’s temperature and flavor on a long day out and about, whether you’re running errands or out on a scenic hike.

Buy it: Mustard KINTO Day Off Tumbler, $37
brompton h6r red bicycle sixtysix magazine

Photo by Chris Force, styling by Kristina Walton Zapata

5. Brompton H6R Red

In 1975 Andrew Ritchey invented the Brompton folding bike so commuters from the outer boroughs of London could get into the city on the trains, combining cycling with mass transit. The newest bike offers among the smoothest rides, and when you get to where you’re going, it folds in 15 seconds flat. It’s also two-thirds the size of other folding bikes, says Peter Yuskauskas, vice president of marketing and retail at Brompton. “A folding bike is the perfect solution for people who enjoy riding a bicycle but don’t want to deal with bike racks, storage limitations, or locking bikes up outside,” Peter says.

Buy it: Brompton H6R Red, $1,989


athlon optics midas g2 binoculars sixytsix magazine

Photo by Chris Force, styling by Kristina Walton Zapata

6. Athlon Optics MIDAS G2 Binoculars

These binoculars make an ideal outdoor companion. Perfect for hiking enthusiasts and bird watchers alike, Athlon Optics’ Midas G2 binoculars include a protective and phase coating to bring your eyes the ultimate image of the world around you. The binoculars’ ergonomics reduce arm and hand fatigue even after all-day use. “The Midas G2 finds the perfect balance between rugged durability and weight reduction, thanks to the magnesium chassis with Rubber Armor coating,” says Trent Keller, vice president of sales, marketing, and operations at Athlon Optics. Midas G2 comes in several models with different dimensions, weights, eye relief, and interpupillary distances.

Buy it: Athlon Optics MIDAS G2 Binoculars, $300


biolite baselantern sixtysix magazine

Photo by Chris Force, styling by Kristina Walton Zapata

6. BioLite BaseLantern XL

The BioLite BaseLantern XL is the world’s first flatpack lantern that combines edge-lighting with Bluetooth connectivity so no one has to be in the dark. It may be as small as a sandwich, but it can light large group settings, charge phones and other devices, and offer powerful real-time analytics about off-grid energy. The BaseLantern XL’s rechargeable battery burns up to 78 hours or can power devices via two USB charging ports. A custom low energy Bluetooth app transforms this smart lantern into a miniature smart grid. You can change the color of the light, monitor energy consumption, or activate proximity control to automatically turn your lantern on or off based on your location.

Buy it: BioLite BaseLantern XL, $100


freitag r516 hilten sixtysix magazine

Photo by Chris Force, styling by Kristina Walton Zapata

8. Freitag R516 HILTEN

Freitag’s bags started in 1993 when designers Markus and Daniel Freitag wanted a functional, water-repellent, robust bag to hold their work. The brothers were inspired by the colorful (literally, the colors of trucks still influence their products), heavy traffic that rumbled by their Zurich apartment. What started with a messenger bag made from used truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes, and car seat belts has evolved to include a bevy of bags and accessories. Freitag’s “Long Weekender” bag is large enough to hold all of your “stuff” while still being a carry-on. “FREITAG bags are made from recycled truck tarpaulins, which makes every R516 HILTEN bag unique in its texture, tone, and story,” says Elisabeth Isenegger, communications lead for FREITAG.

Buy it: R516 HILTEN Weekender, $590

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