Photographer Cam Hicks on Louis Vuitton, Taking Risks, and Moving to LA

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Photographer Cam Hicks says of his new photo book: “‘For the Porch’ means living life to the fullest so when I get old and I’m back on my porch somewhere I can tell the craziest stories.” Photo by David Gurzhiev


December 23, 2020

Cam Hicks was in his early 20s when he left his corporate IT job in the DC area to move to New York City and chase his dream of being a creative director and photographer.

He documents his first four years working in NYC in For the Porch, his debut photo book, where he grapples with creating his “personal brand” while working with mega brands like Louis Vuitton, Nike, and The North Face, among others.

Now 28, Cam continues to make bold moves, like those that launched his work with Louis Vuitton.

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Cam says seeing Virgil Abloh as the head of Louis Vuitton combined with photographing a young Black model in a design that showed his African heritage was an emotional moment in his career. Photo by Cam Hicks

He recalls when he sent a WhatsApp message to Louis Vuitton’s new menswear designer, Virgil Abloh, asking for a job. He said yes.

“The fact that Virgil got that opportunity and opened the door and let me be a part of that, it was a special moment,” Cam says.

Cam’s now photographed five seasons with Louis Vuitton, and he captured one of his favorite photos to date as a result (pictured at right)—of a Black model in a houndstooth Louis Vuitton fashion with small detailed outlines of Africa.

These days Cam is based in LA, having left New York after three years this year. He’s setting up his new studio in Koreatown and working on a range of projects, including with Yeek and other musicians.

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