Step Inside Paradiso Ibiza, a Retro-Chic “Art Hotel” on the Mediterranean


January 11, 2019

From the moment you walk into Concept Hotel Group’s Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, in Ibiza, Spain, your senses kick into overdrive—especially your sense of sight. With design elements that harken back to your favorite arcade (think neon and even a thoughtfully placed pinball machine) and colors reminiscent of sherbert, Ilmiodesign transformed the area into a hub of activity that’s both playful and warm. Here you’ll find not just high-end accommodation, but also art exhibits, a live music venue, and even a tattoo parlor. “The concept was the world of art,” says Diego Calvo, CEO of Concept Hotel Group. “We wanted it to be an artistic hotel with a continuous artistic show.” Paradiso Ibiza opened in the summer of 2018—a retro chic oasis colored in pinks, purples, and greens and set against the Mediterranean Sea on the main street of San Antonio Bay.

For any exhibitionists out there, the hotel’s ‘Zero Suite Project’ drops a room—with walls made entirely of glass—right in the lobby. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM JOHNSTON.

With bold colors and a bedside Marshall speaker, the interiors also boast a distinct ’70s vibe. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM JOHNSTON.

Paradiso Ibiza was designed by Ilmiodesign, known for inspiring restaurant and hotel design around Spain. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM JOHNSTON.

Light pink trim runs along the edges of the pool, adding to the ‘pastel paradise’ feel. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM JOHNSTON.

A lobby space is anchored by a sprawling, funky six-seater. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM JOHNSTON.

The space presents as art gallery as much as it does hotel. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM JOHNSTON.

Bathrooms incorporate more modern design elements like reclaimed wood countertops and stone-bowl sinks. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM JOHNSTON.

Pastels and clean lines give off a Miami-of-the-Mediterranean vibe. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM JOHNSTON.

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