Today’s best street style with N. Hoolywood and Stampd

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November 22, 2022

n hoolywood stampd street style 04

(Background) T-shirt, jacket, pants: Stampd. Necklace: Lady Grey Jewelry.
(Front) T-shirt, pants: Stampd. Necklace: Pamela Love.

n hoolywood stampd street style03

Sweatshirt, jacket, pants: N. Hoolywood.
Boots: Dr. Martens.

Creative director Daisuke Obana took his love for vintage clothing and American Sportswear combined with traditional Japanese craftsmanship to create his label N.Hoolywood (a mix of the words Hollywood and hooligan). The collection combines streetwear trends and retro-American workwear with the messy modern way people actually dress.

n hoolywood stampd street style 05

Shorts, tank, belt: ERL.
Bracelet: Lady Grey Jewelry.

n hoolywood stampd street style 02

Sweatshirt, gloves, pants: N. Hoolywood.
Bracelet: Lady Grey Jewelry.

On the other side of the globe, amidst the actual Hollywood, creative director Chris Stamp’s work with Stampd combines ’90s nostalgia with modern silhouettes and textures. His fall 2022 collection was inspired by LA counter-culture, Raiders fans, and flannel shirts with a college pep rally vibe.

n hoolywood stampd street style

Shirt, jacket, pants: N. Hoolywood.
Necklace: Pamela Love.
Clogs: Birkenstock.

Produced by: Studio Sixtysix
Styling assist: Carly Haaning
Talent: Simon Macapagal
Grooming by: Shalisa Smith

This story originally appeared in Sixtysix Issue 09 with the title “Born Again Hooligan.” Subscribe today.

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